Take BART to Second Sky Music Festival, limited late night service Sunday, Sept. 19

BART's Sunday Service for Second Sky Music Festival. Download a PDF version of this map.

BART will provide extra event trains to support the Second Sky Music Festival taking place at the Oakland Arena on Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19. On Sunday, BART closes early but will provide very limited late-night service which will require attendees to plan ahead.

BART’s Coliseum Station offers affordable, easy, and convenient access to the event.

Here is what event attendees can expect from BART:

On Saturday, September 18, BART closes at midnight and trains run every 30 minutes. We will have one set of extra event trains to help clear the platform after the show at around 10pm. These trains are not part of the schedule but will show up as needed.

On Sunday, September 19, the BART system closes at around 9pm systemwide. BART will run regular service from the Coliseum Station until 9:30pm, with trains running every 30 minutes and making all station stops — this means event attendees need to leave the concert early to be on the platform by 9:30pm to catch a train that will stop at all stations systemwide.

BART has limited capacity on Sunday evenings and while we are running special event service, alternative transportation may be required for attendees who are not prepared to leave the show early, especially if there is an encore.

At 10pm, BART will run special service from Coliseum Station with limited stops and will only serve Pleasant Hill, Bay Fair, El Cerrito del Norte, and MacArthur in the East Bay, and Embarcadero and Daly City in San Francisco. To catch one of these limited stop trains, you must be on the platform by 9:55pm and you should park/arrange pick up at one of these stations. These special limited-service trips will not be included in BART’s schedule and will not be loaded into our Trip Planner or third-party transit trip planning apps.

10pm limited-service from Coliseum Station details:

  • The “Embarcadero-Daly City ONLY” train will take riders to Embarcadero and Daly City stations only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • The “MacArthur-Pleasant Hill ONLY” train will take riders to MacArthur and Pleasant Hill only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • The “MacArthur-EC Del Norte ONLY” train will take riders to MacArthur and El Cerrito del Norte only. No other stops will be made along the line.
  • The “Bay Fair ONLY” train will take riders from Coliseum to Bay Fair only. No other stops will be made along the line. There will not be a connecting train to go toward Dublin. Riders from this area, must park at Bay Fair if they plan to take this last train.

Tips for riding BART to the event

  • Masks are required on BART, even if fully vaccinated.
  • BART fares are 50% off for all of September when you use Clipper.
  • Load your Clipper card in advance with enough funds for the round trip. If you don’t have a Clipper card, Clipper is currently offering free Clipper cards when you purchase a new card in Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Parking at BART stations is free on weekends except for Berryessa and Milpitas which is operated by The Valley Transportation Authority and their parking rates still apply. Consult the VTA's site for more info on parking: Parking at the Milpitas & Berryessa Transit Centers | VTA

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