Guidelines for Selection of BARTable Co-Marketing Partners

Download the 2021 BARTable Partner Kit here.

Interested in a co-marketing partnership to promote your event or venue on this site? Here are the guidelines we use to select partners, as well as instructions for sending us a proposal.

There are hundreds of opportunities to co-promote events and venues in the Bay Area each month. Unfortunately, BART can select only a very limited number to promote on the BARTable website. BART's ability to promote events at any given time depends on the quantity of co-promotions already in place, which can vary by season.

Please note that BART does not offer public service announcements, but does enter into co-marketing partnerships. Co-marketing partners are required to enter into Reciprocal Co-Marketing Agreements with BART, which among other items, specify allowable usage of the BART and BARTable trademarks. In exchange for BART promotion of an event or venue, Reciprocal Co-Marketing Agreements require partners to promote taking BART to their event or venue as well - via their websites, social media, paid advertising, and other channels.

Please read and make sure you qualify for our co-marketing partnership program before taking the time to submit a proposal. Here are the criteria BART uses to select events to promote:

  • First and foremost, BART selects events and venues that appeal to BART riders, and offer the best value and/or discounts to BART customers.
  • BART also considers the potential of the event or venue to build off-peak ridership when our trains have capacity - based on expected attendance and level of BART rider interest in the event. Events that are recurring or involve an extended run are preferred.
  • Selected events are typically entertainment oriented, such as concerts, theater productions, community events (such as major parades) and sporting events as they usually have a significant advertising budget and get the most press coverage.
  • Club meetings, recognition luncheons, spaghetti dinners, fundraisers; school, church, individual restaurant, night club or bar events and similar are not eligible.
  • Of course, to qualify as BARTable, events must be easily accessible via BART, typically within six blocks or half a mile from a BART station.
  • Highly popular events or destinations with a good potential to result in an increase in BART ridership that require a transit connection from BART are occasionally selected, but should provide a dedicated shuttle and/or have connecting transit services that run at 20-minute headways or better. BART selects events that start and end within BART's hours of operation, or are served by regional late-night bus services.
  • BART selects a diverse set of events in a variety of locations.
  • BART considers the past performance of event producers who request new co-promotions with BART.

BART will not feature venues or events that:

  • Demean or disparage an individual or group of individuals
  • Are vulgar, indecent or profane
  • Incite or encourage violence, unlawful or illegal behavior or activities that are detrimental to the maintenance and safe operation of the BART system
  • Offer “Adult”-oriented goods or services
  • Solely promote the consumption of alcohol and/or cannibis
  • Are mainly political or religious in nature
  • Are in any way injurious to BART and its mission

If you meet these criteria and are interested in a possible Reciprocal Co-Marketing Agreement with BART, send us an email specifying:

  • Your company’s or event’s name
  • Complete details on the venue or event itself: description, date, time, address/location, web address, and awards, reviews, or recognition received
  • Special discounts you would be willing to offer to BART customers
  • Prizes you are willing to provide for BARTable contests
  • How your venue or event will promote BART via websites, social media, paid ads, and other channels (please quantify the audience for each channel)
  • Tell us the closest BART station, and directions to get from there to your location
  • Your contact information (name, title/affiliation, address, email address and phone number)

Email your proposal to [email protected]. We will respond to your inquiry within five (5) business days.

Featured section of the BARTable website

In addition to our partnership program, we do publish articles about particularly unique or interesting BART-accessible events and venues in the Featured section of the BARTable website. These articles are editorial in nature, and if you have an idea for a feature, please email us at [email protected] (we get so many suggestions, we’re sorry we can’t reply to each of them, but check the website and you might see a story you tipped us off to!)

Articles are selected by BART based on:

  • Special relevance to BART riders (you won’t find features about BARTable gas stations for example)
  • Uniqueness (It’s one-of-a-kind)
  • Award-winning
  • Trending or New (opened within the last 3 months)

We aim to highlight events and venues of interest to readers/riders. This means that beyond being clean and safe, events and venues will be vetted for a unique backstory.

No written agreements, and no authorization to use BART or BARTable trademarks, will be associated with such featured events and venues unless they involve Reciprocal Co-Marketing Agreements with BART.