Stories you shared about our transit workers

We asked our riders how our staff's efforts have a positive impact on the BART experience. The responses poured in and we'd like to share some of these stories. Here are ten of our favorites.

Thank you for your outstanding assistance

I generally find BART train operators to be warm, friendly, genuine, and upbeat in their aura. Operators of the legacy fleet, which does not have the automated announcement features that the Fleet of the Future possesses, always announce the stops without fail, and with much clarity throughout the process. Station agents are generally very helpful if ever I have a question or need assistance with the Ticket Vending Machines or occasionally malfunctioning BART fare gates at that. And of course, the BART staff members who answer my emails as a frequent customer of the system are always very timely, straightforward, polite, and organized with their relayed information in response to my inquiries, which I very much appreciate. Thank you for your outstanding assistance and equally outstanding public transit service, BART! I look forward to taking regular, superb advantage of another 50 years of Bay Area public transit connections systemwide! - Peter F.

Kind cleaner at South San Francisco

The cleaner at South SF Station at 6am when I am going through always greets me with a smile and says hello. So early in the morning rushing to get to work you see her with her mop cleaning. She always is able to make the morning nice with her kind smile and "good morning" and sends me on my way with a "be careful, stay safe, and take care of yourself" remark. I hope you find this cleaner. She works at the South SF station early morning. - Virginia 

Clipper card retrieval

I want to appreciate the BART workers who tried to retrieve my Clipper card that was stuck inside the seat. Two wonderful BART workers made an attempt to retrieve it. I was on the Daly City train going to 16th St Mission and spoke on the intercom about what had happened and at Lake Merritt someone came to help but it was not going to be possible to get the card out because it was stuck behind the seat inside and they would have to take the seat out. So, the BART worker called his supervisor who also tried to help. He stepped on the train at Civic Center and brought some tools to try to get my Clipper card out. I waited until 24th St Mission to get off and although they were not able to retrieve it, I appreciated their efforts. It made my day and later that evening I got another Clipper card. I want to thank them for all their efforts rather than just saying to get a new Clipper card. - Ashley W.

Thank you and appreciation for all staff

I just want to take time to say THANK YOU to the staff in general. I'm sure it's not an easy job, but it is truly an important job. I hope they all know they are greatly appreciated!! - Natalie Y.

Kind and patient station agent

Beth (?), an amazing station agent on weekends in Pleasant Hill, is kind and patient explaining BART to novices. I don't mind waiting to find out the last train time, as long as my train isn't due any time soon. - Anonymous

Thank you for service during pandemic

I appreciate each and every transit worker who has served so well during the pandemic. I try to thank each driver, station agent and cleaner for doing a great job. They are all special, and I hope BART management and the public agree. - Kazuko H.

Friendly MacArthur agents

There are two station agents at the MacArthur Station who are just the best: on top of things, friendly, and present! They both work in the booth near the turnstiles. One is a Latina woman with the most amazing nails: she does her job seriously and with aplomb. The other is an African American male with glasses who offers fist-bumps (or did pre-COVID) and smiles easily while supervising the turnstiles. I appreciate their work! - Billy H.

Kind and helpful agent at West Oakland

William, the Station Agent at the West Oakland Station on weekday evenings is the friendliest, kindest, most helpful BART worker in the whole system. He remembers passengers' names, and gives out high fives, fist bumps, handshakes and hugs. He is always outside of the kiosk, helping passengers with their tickets and giving advice to tourists. After a long day at work, it is always uplifting to run into him as we swipe out of the station! - Marry N.

Professional and knowledgeable agent at South San Francisco

South San Francisco BART Station weekday evening station agent Tim is fantastic! He makes sure the station and surrounding area is kept clean and safe. He is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Sometimes I notice things around the station, and he follows up on remedying them. An example is refilling empty hand sanitizer dispensers around the station. I am very glad he works at the BART station I use most. Kudos! - Christina T.


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