Scrolling through @SFBART Twitter memory lane

When it comes to Twitter, we know our friends down the hall at @SFBART have some classic and memorable tweets. From brutally honest to downright hilarious, we decided to take a scroll down Twitter memory lane and share some of our favorite tweets. 

Remember that brutally honest tweet when time stopped and we all gasped?

@shakatron BART was built to transport far fewer people, and much of our system has reached the end of its useful life. This is our reality.

— SFBART (@SFBART) March 17, 2016

Or that time when there was a transit poetry slam? 

We challenge @metrolosangeles to a transit poetry slam. Haikus only. Your move, LA.

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

When SoCal is silent, NorCal rises to the poetry haiku challenge.

Accept our challenge Your silence is deafening NorCal is best Cal@metrolosangeles

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

The BARTmobile will be afoot again one day and doesn't really see into souls, we think. 

Sleep tight, dear Metro The BARTmobile is afoot It sees into souls#transithaiku @metrolosangeles

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 24, 2016

When smoking on BART is just a no-no, poetry is the way to go. 

To keep things from going amiss On BART please don't smoke cannabis It stinks up the train Maybe you can explain This best @metrolosangeles

— SFBART (@SFBART) August 4, 2017

420 was a high for BART too, in terms of ridership. 

Ridership for 4/20 was almost 420,000 (it was 421,578 exits). That’s *high* for a Friday.

— SFBART (@SFBART) April 21, 2018

There once was a Gingerbread Man on BART, for real. 

The Gingerbread Man is riding BART this afternoon to spread holiday cheer and to hand out some swag. Sources tell us he’s en route to Civic Center. If you see him, take a photo with The Gingerbread Man and tweet at us! Thanks to @SFBARTable for inviting him to ride BART.

— SFBART (@SFBART) December 13, 2018

Who knew that leggings would be such an issue for some? BART allows them all. 

Leggings are always allowed on BART. Leather leggings, fishnet leggings, athletic leggings, you name it.

— SFBART (@SFBART) March 28, 2017

Nothing is cuter than a family dressed up as a BART map, train, fare gate, and Clipper card. 

This pretty much made our night.

— SFBART (@SFBART) November 1, 2018

So an AirPod leaves his owner for BART... But don't worry, it was rescued and returned. 


— SFBART (@SFBART) January 5, 2018

If you're from the Bay Area, you know, it's just BART. 

Just BART.

— SFBART (@SFBART) June 11, 2018

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