Plenty to explore in Rockridge


Every day!


5665 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618
United States

BART Station:

Rockridge (Oakland)

Walk Time:

1 minute

Nestled at the foot of the Oakland hills is Rockridge – a neighborhood filled with quaint cottages, award-winning restaurants and some of Oakland’s best shopping.

The heart of Rockridge is College Avenue, where you’ll find independent bookstores, fashion boutiques, vintage shops, gourmet restaurants and outdoor cafes. And Rockridge BART is in the center of it all.

The toughest decision you will have to make when you arrive at Rockrdige BART is whether you will be traveling north or south.

Zachary's Pizza in Rockridge is a popular restaurant by Rockridge BART station.

If you choose to head north, and your stomach is talking to you, stop by Zachary’s Chicago Pizza for a slice of deep-dish heaven. The baked crust is stuffed with Zachary’s signature roasted tomato sauce and topped with lots of ooey gooey cheese. Be forewarned, this place is popular, so be prepared to wait onwards of 30 minutes for your pie (but it’s worth it). Another popular spot is the Ramen Shop, located across the street. The menu may be simple (there's three types of ramen to choose from), but the execution is delicious. The restaurant rotates its menu often, so there's always a new favorite to try.

Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers in Rockridge is known for its delicious burgers and curly fries.

If you need immediate hunger relief, visit Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers a few storefronts up. You can’t go wrong with a mouth-watering burger and a side of spicy curly fries.

For dessert, try Smitten Ice Cream, where the brrr-ristas make ice cream made to order. Popular flavors include salted caramel or brown sugar.

See Jane Run in Rockridge offers women's athletic apparel.

Feeling guilty from your calorie consumption? Appease your conscious by stepping into See Jane Run. The store carries sports gear for women, plus information about upcoming races (the store's friendly staff can even sign you up for your next 5K).

You can immediately start burning calories by power shopping your way through Hawthorn Boutique, which specializes in women’s clothing and accessories from local designers.

Hawthorne Boutique

If you choose to head south from Rockridge BART, you will immediately stumble upon Rockridge Market Hall. Pretend your European and browse the selection of fresh pasta, gourmet olive oils and chesses from all over the world. The complex also has a bakery in a coffee shop. Across the street is Cactus Taqueria, which is "all about freshness, sustainability and the traditional, mouthwatering flavors of Mexico."

Pop into Pegasus Books to browse its selection of new and used books. The bookstore has every mark of a well-loved neighborhood spot – books of local interest, a knowledgeable staff and loyal customers who keep coming back.

Continue south for one more block and you’ll discover every vintage lover’s dream – Pretty Penny. The airy shop features a large collection of vintage threads, shoes and accessories. The store also plays host to art openings and fashion shows.

Cap your day off with a drink from Bittersweet Chocolate Café. The cozy café offers hand-crafted coffee and chocolate, plus a variety of baked goods. You can’t go wrong with a delightfully rich cup of hot cocoa and a slice of Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Cake.