Donuts, donuts, everywhere

Whether it’s soft, fresh, chewy or cakey, donuts in the morning (or, let’s be honest, anytime of the day) always hits the spot. There’s nothing more comforting than biting into a sweet donut to put a smile on your face. Ride BART and explore some unique donut shops in the East Bay.

All Star Donuts is a short, one-block walk from the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station. Donuts are served inside a warm and inviting setting.

Longtime customers Peter and Debbie compare this donut shot to the show “Cheers,” where everybody knows your name. “We come here every day to relax, enjoy a good cup of coffee and visit with other regulars.”


All Star Donuts

El Cerrito Plaza

King Pin Donuts is a moderate walk from the Downtown Berkeley BART Station. Head south on Shattuck Avenue toward Allston Way, and take a left on Durant Avenue. If you prefer to enjoy the sites of the university, walk up Bancroft Way to Telegraph Avenue, turn right and proceed one block to Durant Avenue.


King Pin Donuts

Downtown Berkeley

Powderface Cafe is located just 41 steps from the Fruitvale BART Station fare gates.

At Powderface, you will find upscale New Orleans French donuts called beignets, made to order, where you can watch the entire process from start to finish. Sink your teeth into a hot, crispy beignet, fresh from the fryer. Here, you call the powder (dusting of powdered sugar or cinnamon). Add chocolate or caramel as well for the finale.


Powderface Cafe

Fruitvale (Oakland)

Dynamo Donut + Coffee has been handmade in San Francisco since 2008. With two locations in San Francisco, Dynamo's Mission location is the original storefront of homemade goodness. Sara Spearin and her team of bakers use seasonal, local and organic ingredients wherever possible to create a variety of donuts. Need a little pick me up? Word has it their coffee is a perfect match with their donuts.


Dynamo Donut + Coffee

24th St. Mission (SF)

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