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Salty and sour are the flavors that Filipino foods do best — despite influences of its neighbors and conquistadors, the Philippines has held onto a distinct flavor palette shaped by vinegar, suka, and salt.

If you’ve never before experienced the flavors of the Philippines, San Francisco has plenty of BARTable restaurants and pop-ups serving authentic Filipino food.

Photo courtesy of Kusina Ni Tess.

Kusina Ni Tess

Translated as Tess’s Kitchen, Kusina Ni Tess serves the Tenderloin community Filipino classics like lumpia, fried spring rolls, and sinigang, a savory tamarind-based soup. It’s hard to find a lunch under $10 in the heart of the city, but Kusina Ni Tess cooks up authentic Filipino dishes for reasonable prices.
When: Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm; Saturday: 8am-4pm
Where: 237 Ellis St., San Francisco, CA 94102
BART station: Powell St
Walk time: 5 minutes
Phone: (415) 351-1169
Photo courtesy of Tselogs.


The suffix -silog adds a fried egg and fried rice to any Filipino dish, and that’s just Tselogs does best! From sizzling sisiglog to the more familiar spamsilog, Tselogs’s most delicious specialties are anything that can be served with a fried egg — meaning almost every Filipino dish!

When: Tuesday-Thursday: 5pm-12am; Friday-Saturday: 6pm-3am
Where: 552 Jones St., San Francisco, CA 94102
BART station: Powell St
Walk time: 11 minutes
Website: Tselogs
Phone: (415) 658-7142
Photo courtesy of UNDISCOVERED SF.

JT Restaurant

Hidden on the first floor of Mint Plaza, JT Restaurant has a homey feel, serving Filipino staples like tangy sinigang soup and juicy longanisa sausage in affordable combinations.

When: Monday-Friday: 9am-7:30pm
Where: 953 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103
BART station: Powell St
Walk time: 7 minutes
Phone: (415) 571-5108
Photo courtesy of Manila Bowl.

Manila Bowl

Offering several signature Filipino dishes at the Market in the Twitter building, Manila Bowl serves as a great introduction to the cuisine. A beautifully seasoned sisig or slow-roasted adobo saves you a 14 hour flight to the Philippine Islands themselves.

When: Monday-Friday: 11am-9pm; Saturday: 12pm-6pm
Where: 1355 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103
BART station: Civic Center/UN Plaza
Walk time: 5 minutes
Website: Manila Bowl
Phone: (415) 528-1969
Photo courtesy of Señor Sisig.

Señor Sisig

It all started in 2010, when Chef Gilm Payumo set out to reinvent his dad’s sisig, but spicier. In partnership with Evan Kidera, Payumo launched Señor Sisig, which now consists of several fusion food trucks all over San Francisco. This location is BARTable, in the Mission District! Check their website for other locations and hours.

When: Monday-Friday: 11am-2pm; Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm
Where: 701 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110
BART station: 16th St Mission
Walk time: 8 minutes
Website: Señor Sisig
Phone: (855) 747-4455
Photo courtesy of Turo Café and Grill.

Turo Café and Grill

Turo’s praise on Yelp is well deserved, as this restaurant has caputured all the important nuances classic Filipino foods demand — crispy lumpia fried just right, pancit noodles at just the right consistency. With a rotating menu of daily specials and another menu of everyday favorites, you can turo (point) at any dish for an authentic Filipino experience.

When: Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm; Saturday: 7am-6pm
Where: 2275 San Jose Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112
BART station: Balboa Park
Walk time: 1 minute
Phone: (415) 825-5983

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