Alley Cat Books

You will find local Alley Cat Bookstore not far from the 24th Street BART Station in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Walk through the rainbow bright streamers (door is always open) and stay awhile. Find a chair and get lost in the pages of a book amidst an old-world setting.

There’s something for everyone at Alley Cat Bookstore, which features tall, sweeping ladders (ask first) throughout the store to reach floor to ceiling half-new, half-used books, many in English and Spanish.

You will find classics, a unique San Francisco section, rare book titles, a large nature section and an inviting bilingual children’s section. Poetry readings, writing workshops, political discussions and rotating local and international art shows provide the community with a special place to come and spend time together. Check out the “Back Room” where there is a tribute to Michael Roman, artist and generous soul whose permanent art collection adorns the walls.

One manager by the name of Simon said, “It is best to know what you’re not looking for when you look around the store.”

Note: Alley Cat Books is “kitty” corner from Balmy Alley, where you will find two entire blocks of vibrant murals depicting the true essence of the Mission District.

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