Photo courtesy of Soi4

From Visit Oakland

“Soi” is a Thai word for side streets or alley ways which, together, form the essential life line that makes up the fabric of Bangkok city. Like the city, our menu is a reflection of our love for good food from the streets to the highest echelon of traditional Thai kitchen. …inspired, influenced, accented, tinged, anything but ‘fusion’...


Oakland Restaurant Week January 11th - 21th Small Plates (choose one of the following) Yellow tail ‘crudo’ with chilli, mint, lemongrass essence Pan-fried chive cakes with Sriracha and sweet soy Main Plates (choose one of the following) Southern Thai style fried chicken served with 5 nuts, cabbage & carrot slaw Salt roasted ‘head on’ Kauai shrimp served with Thai seafood sauce Sweet Plates (choose one of the following) Mango panna cotta & fresh berries Tapioca rubies of water chestnuts, jack fruit, & palm seed in coconut milk Cheers! (thirty dollars per person) items above are only offered as 3 course prefix

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