Crossroads Trading Company

Photos courtesy of Crossroads Trading

You can lighten your load and even get paid for spring cleaning at Crossroads.

Stroll to Berkeley with your tote of old clothes and a valid form of ID to get 33 percent cash back of the Crossroads appointed selling price or 50 percent of that value in store credit. Crossroads prides itself on being the hip thrift store, skipping vintage looks for current styles and high-end brands. This is the place to bring that new jacket that fits awkwardly and that denim skirt that you forgot to return to the department store, not the mom jeans that have seen better days.

If looking to use your credit from trading, Berkeley is one of Crossroad’s bigger locations with plenty of warm weather looks to offer. Jada, an Oakland shopper, got a lightweight pantsuit for her job in San Francisco for $21 to stay comfy on the clock. Flowy pants and sandals go for around $13 to $24 depending on the brand, and they have a wide variety of styles for women from off the shoulder tops to jumpsuits and refined basics for men like patterned button-ups and shorts.

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