Books on B

Books on B, located in downtown Hayward, is where the locals gather in the community to read, converse and learn about what’s happening in Hayward. Renee Rettig, a local longtime bookseller (former bookseller at The Book Shop, which closed after being in business for more than 50 years), wants this independent bookstore to shine like bookstores used to be in smaller towns.

New and gently read books live together on the many shelves of Books on B (the bee symbol is everywhere here). The cheery honey bee yellow painted bookstore store carries new fiction, philosophy, literature and mystery, as well as a great cooking and children’s books. Check out the origami hanging from the high ceilings and in the storefront window.  

Yes, finding the perfect book to read from an independent bookstore is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend the day. What more, riding BART will allow you some time to read a few pages before you even arrive home! 

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