Biking the Bay: San Leandro Marina

Even though the daylight is dwindling, the fall offers some spectacular scenery, so why not take a bicycle ride to enjoy it? 

Use BART to connect with the San Francisco Bay Trail, a 330-mile long shoreline path, bridging the gap between our communities and the natural landscape of the Bay Area. The whole family can enjoy an out-and-back bike trip to San Leandro Marina Park

Bay Trail

Getting there

The Marina Park is about a 16-minute bicycle ride from the San Leandro BART station. Take San Leandro Boulevard to Williams Street and follow it toward the shoreline for just under two miles. Then, a left turn on Aurora Drive and a right on Marina Boulevard will lead you right to the park, where you can feel the bay breeze greet sailboats in the dock.

About Marina Park

The very center of Marina Park features a long stretch of grass usually occupied by soccer players and picnickers, and there are barbeque areas on its perimeter where local families gather on weekends.

These areas, along with a playground, can be a great place for a fun break. When you continue on your bikes, pedal the park’s peninsula. This 1-mile paved loop overlooks San Francisco and Oakland International Airport, and the glimmering waters surely will not disappoint.  

Bay Trail

San Leandro Marina Park is the perfect place to view a sunset (don’t forget to bring a windbreaker!).

For an extra workout, the peninsula is lined with small exercise stations. Stretching south, a mural of a whale across a small bridge marks the beginning of the dog park where local pups come to play, and continues the San Francisco Bay Trail.  

This paved path is literally on the edge of the water, which provides a comfortable breeze and calming feel of the waves colliding at high tide while you ride (also a magnificent place to view the sunset!). 

Bay TrailMarshes and mudflats define this coastal region.

Accompanying the bay view to the right, look to the left and find a stretch of the original landscape of the Bay Area — wetlands and mudflats that provide a home to native birds, the salt marsh harvest mouse, and its favorite snack: pickleweed.  

Look out for these sights and sounds (bird calls over the crash of waves) on your next Bay Trail adventure to the San Leandro Marina.  

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