Buffalo Exchange

The Mission District’s color and liveliness can be reflected in the thrifty finds. Contribute to the pool of SF fashion and get paid to take a dip!

Bring as much as you can carry on BART to Buffalo Exchange, and get store credit or cash on the spot for your clothes, accessories and costumes.

The store assigns selling prices and pays 30 percent back to their sellers or offers 50 percent of that value in store credit, which never expires.

Although Buffalo Exchange is known for their funky vintage styles: colorful cocktail dresses and oxford shoes, they encourage “basics” like jeans and T-shirts, button-ups and more. Don’t forget accessories! Those bright sunnies and quirky hats you wore in college could be a Buffalo Spring selling point. They also buy out of season so get those old coats spruced up for Buffalo’s Fall/Winter racks, but steer clear of bringing children’s clothes or accessories, which they do not accept. 

Final pro tip: Bring a valid form of ID.  

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