New BART system map shows minor updates

As BART moves ahead with its major service increase slated for Monday, August 2, BART has updated its system map with minor adjustments to better help riders plan and follow their trips as they enjoy increased service hours and frequencies on weekdays and Saturdays.

BART system map starting August 2, 2021

In the new system map, one noticeable change is the elimination of the Purple line connecting SFO Airport and Millbrae as a shuttle. Instead the map has replaced it with a newly configured Red and Yellow line service pattern. This service improvement also eliminates the need to show San Bruno and SFO as a transfer station.

Starting August 2, direct service to SFO will increase from four trips per hour during peak hours to eight trips per hour, all serving downtown San Francisco and Oakland. 

To simplify the map further, the main map covers Mondays - Saturdays until evenings, and the inset map covers evenings and Sundays. This delineation help eliminate the need to include confusing text boxes about service before/after 9pm and the dashed red line. The inset map is also a bit larger than its current iteration.

In the new map, we also added “OAKLAND” to join “PENINSULA,” “SAN FRANCISCO,” “SAN JOSE,” and “EAST BAY” as a geographic marker.

The service increase is part of BART’s Welcome Back Plan outlining our efforts to better serve the Bay Area and help people get to work, school, appointments, and fun destinations across the region. 

To plan your next trip after the August 2 service increase, the BART Trip Planner has been updated with the new schedule. PDF timetables specific to each line for the August 2 service increase have also been posted online.

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