The Women’s Building, artistic beauty and community access

In honor of International Women's Day, explore The Women’s Building in the Mission District by 16th St. Mission BART Station, and experience a beautiful visual San Francisco landmark that brings women and girls together for two common reasons – access to services and a sense of community.

The Mission neighborhood is known for its diverse, old-world charm. Flavorful taquerias and aromatic cafes dot the area. The Women's Building is located just four short blocks from BART along mostly smooth surfaced sidewalks with curb cuts, mainly along Valencia Street.

The Women's Building in San Francisco. Photo by Anthony Byrd

You’ll know you’re there when you gaze up at the rooftops, feasting your eyes on the vibrant Maestrapeace mural (Maestrapeace means "Women, Teacher of Peace"), one of the San Francisco’s finest pieces of public artwork. 

View the multi-colored mural (two exterior walls) that was created by a collaboration of seven famous international women artists representing many different cultures.The Women’s Building in San Francisco

The four-story, century old building highlights the block and draws you toward its impressive walls with a strong feeling of inner calmness.

Notice the blue naming ribbons streaming throughout both outside and inside the walls of this building, all neatly printed in white letters. They are names of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and friends – all to honor them in a special way.

The Women’s Building is symbolic - it was created by, run by and led by women. A group of visionaries founded San Francisco Women’s Centers in 1971 and purchased the building in 1979 to develop a central place enabling all women and girls to build confidence, receive guidance, discuss social issues and provide them with a safe haven as well.  Currently, there are nine organizations under one roof to assist with this process. 

The Women’s Building in San Francisco

Access the many community resources available in both English and Spanish that assist with leading women to employment, emotionally empower women with inner strength and provide wellness programs to gain physical endurance. 

The Women’s Building is very accessible with a small, yet adequate elevator available to transport you to the other floors as well as winding staircases adorned with colorful Spanish tiles should you take that route to explore.

Visit this comforting “gathering place” to view its beauty, volunteer, engage in the many activities they offer and access their many services. 

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