Where to rock the wok in San Francisco

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Since the fortune cookie is said to have originated in San Francisco, it makes sense we have the good fortune of having an abundance of Chinese restaurants to choose from. Chow down on the usual suspects—like chow mein, sweet and sour pork or mapo tofu, or discover your new innovative favorite from a Chinese fusion hot spot keeping things (soy) saucy in the city. 

The following BARTable Chinese restaurants in San Francisco are known for how well they rock the wok. Start with tea, then let your chopsticks and Tsingtao beer take you on a culinary trip to the Orient.

Daenerys or not, sometimes you do want an open-mouthed dragon hanging over your shoulder. In the Game of Chinese Food, Mission Chinese and its signature dragon snaking along the ceiling is a winner with subjects of San Francisco who appreciate fusion foods in a fun, colorful setting. Follow the droves of hipsters to Mission and 18th Street for this popular spot housed behind the Lung Shan Restaurant awning, two blocks down from 16th/Mission Station. Wings, mapo tofu, dumplings and modern takes on classics give salt-loving scenesters further reason to reach for a beer.


Mission Chinese

16th St. Mission (SF)

Photo courtesy of Yelp


Win Garden

Glen Park (SF)

Around the corner from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Fang is a classier Chinese restaurant in SoMa that features a changing menu dictated by fresh, seasonal ingredients. It’s the upscale sister restaurant to the casual House of Nanking in Chinatown, both opened by the Fang family. Run by a father and daughter team with chef/dad Peter Fang known to greet patrons, Fang’s popularity is evident in its bustling three-level space. Try the Mongolian Beef Tower, changing veggie plates and dumplings.



Montgomery St. (SF)

Salt and pepper crab, lobster and Peking duck are just some of the stellar staples worth the splurge at San Francisco’s R&G Lounge. This double-level Cantonese restaurant with casual downstairs seating and an upstairs for special occasions is a common choice for large groups looking to let loose in loud environs. Try to make a reservation to cut down on your wait, but rest assured that reliable staff are used to ushering folks in and out at a good pace.


R&G Lounge

Montgomery St. (SF)

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