Where to park your bike: East Bay bike-friendly spots

Looking for a great bike-friendly spot to grab a coffee, a vegan bite or to repair a flat?

Editor's note: Check out our San Francisco round-up of bike-friendly spots.

Whether you're a veteran bike mechanic or wide-eyed beginner, each can appreciate a business that welcomes their ride. More than just retail bike shops, the following East Bay businesses located a short bike ride from BART nurture the growth of the local biking community in myriad ways — through educational workshops, offering low-cost repairs and recycled parts, a place to hang where there’s a place to safely hang your bike or even a friendly discount for bicycling patrons.

Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe

Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe in Oakland's Chinatown is near 12th Street/Oakland City Center BART Station

Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe is located at 302 12th St. in Oakland, a 2-minute bike ride from 12th St./Oakland City Center Station. Photo courtesy of Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe's Facebook page.

A bike repair shop, restaurant and cafe rolled into one, Luckyduck Bicycle Cafe is where bikers (and more) roll in to meet so many needs. Oakland’s Chinatown may have tough parking on the outside, but two-wheelers can stow their ride on the indoor racks at this friendly, stylish spot where craft beers and vegan eats (along with meaty sandwiches) keep patrons there even if they don’t need a bike repair.

Waterside Workshops

Waterside Workshops in Berkeley offers waterfront views for bike enthusiasts of all ages

Waterside Workshops is located at 84 Bolivar Dr. in Berkeley, a 10-minute bike ride from Downtown Berkeley Station. Photo courtesy of Waterside Workshops' Facebook page.

Located on the Bay Trail with prime waterfront views, the aptly named Waterside Workshops is a multi-faceted independent operation that educates and benefits local youth in Berkeley. Warm up with a flat white while you wait for a flat tire repair at this cafe, boat rental shop and bike shop. This welcoming community space houses bike fixes for trail regulars and rentals for visitors and newbies — and serves as a relaxing space to sit and take a break for anyone on bike or foot. Another plus for recycling DIYers: You can find used bike parts for reasonable prices.

Biketopia Community Workshop

Biketopia Community Workshop in Berkeley is a 3-minute ride from Ashby BART Station. BARTable.

Biketopia Community Workshop is located at 1752 Alcatraz Ave. in Berkeley, a 3-minute bike ride from Ashby Station. Photo courtesy of Biketopia Community Workshop's Facebook page.

Biketopia Community Workshop is a volunteer-run operation that makes it easy for novices and experienced bike commuters to try their (greased-up) hand at bike maintenance. Located a quick ride from Ashby Station, Biketopia offers tools, used parts and refurbished bikes for sale at a low cost. Post up at a repair stand to tackle your latest project or get help from the open-minded and enthusiastic team. 

Bicycle Coffee

Bicycle Coffee in Oakland is near Lake Merritt BART station. BARTable

Bicycle Coffee is located at 364 2nd St. in Oakland, a 5-minute bike ride from Lake Merritt Station. Photo courtesy of Bicycle Coffee.

Bicycle Coffee is a signature Bay Area bicyclist’s favorite for delivering organic coffee beans packaged in compostable materials, all on two wheels fashioned with homemade. Stop in at its Jack London Square cafe and roastery to support the coffee and the cause: Locally roasted and flavorful blends of organic goodness sourced from Guatemala are there to greet you. You can now also check out the new Bicycle Coffee cafe in Uptown Oakland inside the lobby of the Breuner Building at 2201 Broadway & Grand.