Where to go to Fro-Yo in SF

It’s not as classic as ice cream, but sometimes that smooth and swirling alternative to traditional scoops is the call. Enter frozen yogurt. Greek, nonfat, full-fat, yin-yang double-flavor or simply original tart to fill your cup: Give that lever a pull and watch your dreamy dessert coil.

A contemporary treat we like to convince ourselves is healthier than most, the alluring tower of cooling goodness just begs to host your choice of toppings (don’t get us started on those endless options as well, from fresh fruit to those mini-but-decadent cheesecake squares). Check out these San Francisco BARTable sweet spots ready to oblige when the urge to go fro-yo kicks in. 

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Souvla is known for its frozen Greek yogurt desserts just as much as it’s celebrated for the full savory menu. Since it creates lines, you know the limited selection of flavor options must be high-quality. Fozen Greek yogurt paired with honey-drizzled and flakey filo-dough-everywhere Baklava pieces or tart-and-gooey cherry topping? You had us at Opa!



16th St. Mission (SF)

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Caffe Ambrosia is already a favorite casual work break treat for Financial District regulars. Not for the light at heart, servings are huge and see-through cups reveal colorful arrangements of popular flavors like French custard mixed with raspberry or pistachio. Decorate your masterpiece with sprinkles, Oreos and fruits galore. 


Caffe Ambrosia

Montgomery St. (SF)

Photo courtesy of Pinkberry

Though it hit the scene long after old-school TCBY, Pinkberry has become synonymous with frozen yogurt. The popular purveyor of froyo is steps from Union Square and houses that iconic original tart that so many have emulated. Garnish your choice flavors with a waffle disc and the likes of fresh fruit and gummy bears. 



Powell St. (SF)

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This Yoppi Yogurt storefront welcomes you outside Embarcadero Station and will make your Market Street meandering all the more enjoyable. The enviable selection of self-serve frozen yogurt features a rotating cast of flavors as vibrant as the surrounding wall paint and will keep you guessing once you’ve become a regular. 


Yoppi Yogurt

Embarcadero (SF)

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