What's cooking in our home kitchens | Halloween edition

Gingerbread Skeletons. Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.
Halloween is one of the best times to have fun with food. You can be as creepy, gross, and creative as you want to be without any judgement (after all, it is Halloween). The one requirement, those creepy and gross dishes must be delicious. We’ve compiled some of our team’s favorite Halloween-themed recipes that are bound to spook and awe your social bubble. From sweet to savory, there’s a dish for every ghoul and goblin.

Food Wishes | Zombie Meatloaf

Photo courtesy of Food Wishes. 
Get ready to cut into the brains of this grotesque but delicious Zombie Meatloaf. Covered in bacon, which are the zombie’s “facial muscles,” and eyes and teeth made of onion, this meatloaf is one tasty bite. Don’t forget to top it with “blood sauce” for an extra scare.
BARTable Tip: This recipe does include mushrooms which help keep the loaf moist, but you can omit them if you aren’t a fan.

Country Living | Cider-Marinated Short Ribs

Photo courtesy of Country Living/Brian Woodcock.
While this dish may not exactly scream Halloween, it’s all about the presentation. While the short ribs are brushed with a red-currant glaze, the platter it sits on literally looks like human ribs. Take one rib at a time off the platter until they are all gone.
BARTable Tip: Short on time? You can always create the rib presentation with store prepared ribs and lots of BBQ sauce.

Delish | Mummy Hot Dogs

Photo courtesy of Delish/Parker Feierbach. 
There are so many ways to make Mummy Hot Dogs but this one is a bit different because it includes cheese. That’s right, who wouldn’t want to bite into a Mummy that is not only covered in Crescent Rolls and butter, but has melted cheese on the inside? When you think about it, it’s almost like the melted cheese is Mummy guts.
BARTable Tip: Not in a cheesy mood? You can easily take the cheese out of the recipe and they are still delicious. You can always level this recipe up by adding chili to the mix.

Dave’s Devils on Horseback

Photo courtesy of Dave Martindale. 
Combine a mischievous-sounding name, an uncommonly used fruit (prunes) and wrap in bacon, then watch this old-school British appetizer disappear. You might not be exactly eating a devil, but these tasty morsels are definitely devious.
BARTable Tip: Swap out the fruit for another like apricots or dates. You could even use oysters, which is also known as “Angels on Horseback.”

Like Mother Like Daughter | Witch Hat Cookies

Photo courtesy of Like Mother Like Daughter. 
If you want a super-cute and easy treat for Halloween, this is it. These Witch Hat Cookies just take a little creativity, your favorite (shhhh… store bought) cookies, white frosting, food coloring, fun confetti or sprinkles and of course, some Hershey's Kisses.
BARTable Tip: If store bought cookies aren’t your thing, any home-made cookie will work if it’s in the shape of a circle.

Olive Magazine | Skeleton Gingerbread Men

Photo courtesy of Olive Magazine. 
This simple Gingerbread Men cookie recipe can make about 30 skeletons and is a hit when it comes to creepy treats. While the recipe is an easy one to make, you’ll need a steady hand for piping the bones of the skeleton. Gingerbread is no longer just for the holidays, but Halloween too.
BARTable Tip: This recipe is from the UK, so you’ll have to make some conversions to US measurements. It’s also best if you can find an edible black food coloring pen to make the skeleton faces.

Cooking Mamas | Kitty Litter Cake

Photo courtesy of Cooking Mamas.
If you want a treat that is realistic and will be a shock on your table, nothing is better than a kitty litter box that is actually a cake. Great for a prank and tastes amazing, this cake will definitely be the talk of your Halloween social bubble.
BARTable Tip: Make it realistic, create the cake in an unused kitty litter box and have your guests scoop their piece with a new litter scooper. Gross right?

Sugar Spun Run | Ghosts in the Graveyard Dessert Shooters

Photo courtesy of Sugar Spun Run.
These single-serving-sized ghosts in the Graveyard Dessert Shooters are a good way to bring a graveyard to your table. With a chocolate cheesecake filling, Oreo crumble, and Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, these are a delicious treat that will thrill your guests.
BARTable Tip: The tombstones are the Milano cookies, feel free to pick up a flavor that might surprise your guests. Maybe pumpkin spice?

Food Network | Candy Corn

Photo courtesy of Eater.
Let’s be honest, most of us have a love/hate relationship with Candy Corn. If you want to take that relationship to the next level, you can try to make your own at home. Warning, it is harder than it looks.
BARTable Tip: If you aren’t up for this challenge, just buy it from the store.

Taking Care of Monkey Business | Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

Photo courtesy of Taking Care of Monkey Business.
Nothing screams creepy crawly like Gummy Worms. It’s even better when they are in ice cubes that can melt into your cocktail of choice. All you need is an ice cube tray, food coloring, water (or whatever beverage you choose), and gummy worms to make these creepy cubes a reality.
BARTable Tip: These can also be kid friendly if you keep it to juice.

What's in your cauldron? 

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