What's cooking in our home kitchens | Dessert edition

Photo courtesy of Andrew Prayogo/Flickr. 
The sweet course eaten at the end of a meal; desserts happen to be some of our team’s favorite recipes. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to eat these delicious treats at the end of your meal or before or in the morning or in the evening. Anytime you choose, these desserts will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth.

Joanna Gaines | Chocolate Chip Cookies

Photo courtesy of Magnolia/Joanna Gaines. 
This chocolate chip cookie recipe from Joanna Gaines, “Magnolia Network” and HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” is so easy to make, you’ll want to bake them every week. Instead of using white sugar, this recipe calls for two cups of light brown sugar (and of course, if you want it a less sweet, you can always use less) and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The end result? Soft on the inside, a bit of crunch on the outside, and melty chocolate chip cookies.
BARTable Tip: Not in the chocolate mood? Omit the chocolate chips and you have one tasty light brown sugar cookie.

My Darling Vegan | Strawberry Muffins

Photo courtesy of My Darling Vegan.
When it comes to these strawberry muffins, you can literally eat them for breakfast or dessert. Don’t be afraid because these are vegan, you’ll still get bursts of sweetness thanks to the strawberries and a bit of lemon zest.
BARTable Tip: Add a bit of vanilla ice cream for an added taste (to keep it vegan, buy vegan ice cream).

Simply Recipes | Perfect Pie Crust

Photo courtesy of Simply Recipes. 
Many of us use the store-bought pie crust to keep things simple but there’s nothing better than a buttery and savory home-made pie crust. This perfect pie crust recipe is super simple to follow and works well for both sweet and savory dishes.
BARTable Tip: Check out Ada's (our resident baker) tips on making the perfect pie crust.

Disneyland’s Dole Whip

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks. 
While Disneyland is still closed due to COVID-19, they made Disney lovers happy by releasing a park favorite- The Dole Whip. With only three ingredients that you may have in your freezer, your craving for the light and refreshing treat will be satisfied with ease.
BARTable Tip: Make it a float! Add pineapple juice to your Dole Whip for an added burst of pineapple flavor.

Taste of Home | Frosted Banana Bars

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home.
Another recipe that can be for breakfast or dessert. Tired of just regular banana bread? Level up to these delicious frosted banana bars that are sure to please anyone (especially those that love bananas).  
BARTable Tip: For the frosting, brown the butter in a pan before adding it to the bowl. You’ll get a delicious brown butter frosting that compliments the banana flavor.

Ayesha Curry | Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Photo courtesy of Ayesha Curry.
You may be thinking, olive oil in a cake? If you haven’t had this moist cake before, or have even tried to bake it, now is the time. Ayesha Curry brings this easy recipe to life with (shhhh) boxed yellow cake, extra-virgin olive oil, and lemon zest and juice. Topped with your favorite berry, it’s not only delicious, but just gorgeous to look at.
BARTable Tip: Don’t let the bake time scare you. The recipe says it takes an hour and 20-minutes to bake, but that includes the cooling time.

Ina Garten | Beatty’s Chocolate Cake

Photo courtesy of Ina Garten/Food Network. 
This decadent chocolate cake is one of the best recipes we’ve tried in our home kitchens. The key to this recipe is a really good cup of coffee that’ll keep this cake light and moist. The recipe also has a homemade chocolate coffee buttercream frosting that you’ll use to top the cake.
BARTable Tip: Not into coffee? Luckily the coffee taste is next to none in the cake and you can easily omit the coffee from the frosting. Depending on how heavy you like your frosting, you may want to double up on the frosting recipe.

All Recipes | Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

Photo courtesy of All Recipes.
A grandmother’s recipe is typically kept close to the heart. Luckily All Recipe’s member MOSHASMAMA shared her Grandma Ople’s apple pie recipe with the world and it happens to be a staple in one of our home kitchens. This easy to follow recipe will become one of your favorites and win over your friends and family.
BARTable Tip: This is a perfect time to try out the Perfect Pie Crust recipe found above. Also, a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream pairs perfectly with this delicious apple pie.

What's cooking in your kitchen?

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