What's cooking in our home kitchens | BBQ edition

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock/Larisa Blinova.
Summer is here in the Bay and it’s officially grilling season. With backyards becoming the number one destination for families, it’s even better when the cooking moves outdoors. For this round of what’s cooking, we are taking it out of the kitchen and outside to our grills.
Editor's note: Before lighting up your grill, check to be sure there is no Spare the Air alert issued for your area. As a reminder, charcoal and wood burning is not permitted during these times. 

Imara’s Long and Slow Smoked Ribs, Lamb, and Tri-Tip

Imara is our team’s go-to guy for anything on a smoker. His recipes for ribs, lamb, and tri-tip can be used in a ceramic style egg grill/smoker, charcoal grill/smoker, and even a gas grill/smoker. This method of preparation literally takes all day and you must have a good sense of detail as there are cook times, temperatures, and even charcoal placement to contend with.
BARTable Tip: Marinade the meat overnight for better flavor.

Bobby Flay | Texas-Style Brisket on Texas Toast

Photo courtesy of Bobby Flay/Food Network. 
Photo courtesy of Bobby Flay/Food Network. 
Another form of meat that you can cook long and slow is a brisket. This Texas Brisket from Food Network’s Bobby Flay nods to one of the best dishes he’s ever eaten. This brisket is full of flavor from not only the smoke and spice rub, but from grilled Texas toast that you top with your meat.
BARTable Tip: For bigger flavors, marinate the meat for 24 hours.

Delish | Best Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets

Photo courtesy of Delish/Parker Feierbach.
Photo courtesy of Delish/Parker Feierbach.
Traditional shrimp boils can take a seriously long time but with this Delish shrimp foil packet recipe, hours turn into 25-minutes. Fire up your grill, create your foil packet with a whole bunch of goodness and let the grill do the rest.
BARTable Tip: If grilling isn’t your thing, this can also be done in an oven.

Bon Appétit | Sticky Barbecue Chicken

Photo courtesy of Bon Appétit/Mamadi Doumbouya.
Photo courtesy of Bon Appétit/Mamadi Doumbouya.
This recipe is some of the stickiest and crunchiest chicken we’ve ever grilled. The stickiness of the chicken comes from the unsulfured blackstrap molasses that is part of the homemade BBQ sauce. This chicken recipe can be done on any type of grill if you can prepare it with high indirect heat and can lightly oil your grates.
BARTable Tip: The recipe calls for two large lemons, if you aren’t a big lemon fan, scale down to one.

Hey Grill Hey | Simple Grilled Pork Chops with Secret Sweet Rub

Photo courtesy of Hey Grill Hey.
Photo courtesy of Hey Grill Hey.
Grilled pork chops are a quick and easy meal that can be prepared on the grill any day of the week. This recipe is all about the Secret Sweet Rub that is made with spices that you most likely already have in your pantry. A mix of brown sugar, salt, paprika and more give the rub a bit of spice balanced by the brown sugar.
BARTable Tip: If you marinate the meat overnight, subtract a few minutes from the cooking time so the pork chops don’t dry out.

The Recipe Critic | Perfectly Juicy Grilled Steak

Photo courtesy of The Recipe Critic.
Photo courtesy of The Recipe Critic.
You may know how to grill a perfectly juicy steak, but this recipe has one of the best marinades to give you that perfectly juicy and delicious grilled steak. This marinade includes soy sauce, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil, and garlic which gives the steak a perfect balance of salty, savory, and acidic goodness. Don't forget to top your steak with some butter right off the grill to add additional flavor.
BARTable Tip: This recipe can be done outdoors or indoors on a skillet grill.

What are you grilling?

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