Veg out in SF: Five vegetarian and vegan restaurants

In the East Bay? Check out Veg Out in the East Bay: Five vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Fishless sushi. Meatless Mex. Those are unlikely culinary word pairings, indeed, and the kind that usually make up just a few items on a menu – not the entire thing. But we’re lucky to reside where such alternative cooking feats thrive a BART ride away. Whether you’re strictly a plant eater or not, eschewing meat is easy when you find the right place. Fortunately, San Francisco is blessed with plenty of esteemed vegetarian and vegan restaurants that will make even the most dedicated carnivore a convert, at least for the occasional meal out. In the mood for fine dining or casual fare? The eateries listed below know how to woo without stocking up on things that go moo.

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