Top places to grab a margarita near BART

Whether you prefer your margarita on the rocks or blended, with or without a salt rim, in a pitcher or just a glass, taking BART is the best (and safe) way to try all of these delicious libations.

19th Street Oakland 

Agave Uptown
Don't limit yourself to just the margarita at Agave Uptown. With different varieties of mezcal and tequila to choose from, you'll discover a new favorite spirit. Take BART to 19th Street/Oakland Station, exit towards Broadway and walk 4 minutes. Agave Uptown is located at 2135 Franklin St.

Located right across from Drake’s Brewing Co. in Uptown Oakland's buzzing "The Hive," Calavera is famous for their Salt Air Margarita, that’s topped with Oaxacan salt foam. Take BART to 19th Street/Oakland Station, exit towards Broadway and walk 7 minutes. Calavera is located at 2337 Broadway. 

12th Street/Oakland City Center

Tamarindo Antojeria 
With tons of tequila to savor, enjoy one of Tamarindo Antojeria’s house margaritas for their happy hour, served 5 to 7pm at the bar or lounge. Take BART to 12th Street/Oakland City Center, exit on Broadway and walk 6 minutes toward Eighth Street. Tamarindo is located next to The Trappist at 468 Eighth Street.

Located in a gourmet food court, Swan’s Market, Cosecha serves a mix of mezcal and tequila cocktails. While you’re there, enjoy Cosecha’s specialty margaritas with a handmade corn tortilla taco. Your taste buds will thank you. Take BART to 12th Street/Oakland City Center, exit towards Broadway and 12th St., walk 6 minutes. Cosecha is located inside Swan's Market at 907 Washington St. 

Lake Merritt

Enjoy Nido’s extensive drink menu serving traditional margaritas, as well as innovative, new cocktail concoctions. Take BART to Lake Merritt Station, exit towards Oak St. and walk 4 minutes. Nido is located at 444 Oak St. 

Walnut Creek

Fuego Tequila Grill 
There's fresh squeezed juice in every margarita served at Fuego Tequila Grill. Take BART to Walnut Creek Station, exit towards N. California Blvd. walk 14 minutes then turn left onto Locust St. Fuego is located at 1359 Locust St.

Downtown Berkeley

Margaritas aren’t the only thing on the menu, be bold and try a tequila and mezcal tasting flight at Comal. Take BART to Downtown Berkeley Station towards Shattuck Ave. and walk 2 minutes. Comal is right next to Berkeley's Fantastic Comics at 2020 Shattuck Ave. 


La Piñata 
La Piñata serves margaritas by the pitcher, so bring a couple of friends to share. Take BART to Concord Station, exit towards East St., and turn left onto Willow Pass Road. La Piñata is located at 2301 Willow Pass Road. 

Powell Street

You won’t find your typical lime and salt margarita at Tropisueño. Enjoy delicious infused versions, like the mango, strawberry or hibiscus margarita. Take BART to Powell Street Station and exit on Market St. towards Yerba Buena Lane for 2 minutes, then turn right. Tropisueño is located at 75 Yerba Buena Lane. 

Matador serves authentic Mexican food with unique margaritas, on the rocks or frozen. Take BART to Powell Street Station, exit towards Powell Street and walk 12 minutes, then turn right onto Sutter Street. Matador is located at 679 Sutter St.

Civic Center/UN Plaza 

Serving upscale Mexican fare, Cala’s drink menu matches their fresh and interesting flavors. Rumor has it the Paloma (the margaritas grapefruit sister) is beautiful but dangerous. Take BART to Civic Center/UN Plaza Station, exit toward Market St., walk 8 minutes, then turn right onto Fell St. Cala is located at 149 Fell St. 

16th Street Mission

West of Pecos
Grub on yummy Tex-Mex food and sip on margaritas with a twist at West of Pecos. Crowd favorites include the traditional house and prickly pear margarita. Take BART to 16th Street Mission Station and walk 3 minutes

Nosh on tacos from Tacolicious (which is right next door) while washing them down with an ice cold margarita at Mosto’s. Take BART to 16th Street Mission Station, exit and head west towards Valencia St for 8 minutes, then turn left. Mosto is located at 741 Valencia St. 

Puerto Alegre
Puerto Alegre is known for their affordable margarita pitchers, so save some damage to your wallet and plan your next meet-up with friends here. Take BART to 16th Street Mission Station, head west on 16th St., then turn left onto Valencia St. Puerto Alegre is located at 546 Valencia St. 

24th Street Mission

El Techo 
Sip on margaritas while marveling in the breathtaking views from El Techo’s rooftop. It’s the perfect spot to catch a sunset that is if Karl the Fog doesn't make an appearance. Take BART to 24th Street Mission Station, exit towards Mission St., walk 5 minutes. El Techo is located at 2516 Mission St.

Velvet Cantina
You can make any margarita pitcher size at Velvet Cantina, so bring a couple of friends. Take BART to 24th Street Mission Station, exit towards Mission St. and walk 3 minutes, then turn left on 23rd St. Velvet Cantina is located at 3349 23rd St. 

The aesthetically appealing Loló serves delectable bites as well as gorgeous drinks that pack a punch. Get your phone ready because you'll want to snap a picture here. Take BART to 24th Street Mission Station, exit towards 24th St., then turn right onto Valencia St. and walk 10 minutes. Loló is located at 974 Valencia St. 

Latin American Club 
Warning: Latin American Club’s margaritas are not for amateurs. Drink with caution. Take BART to 24th Street Mission Station and exit towards Mission St. Walk 5 minutes and turn left onto 22nd St. Latin America Club is located at 3286 22nd St. 

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