Take the train to these tropical tiki taverns

Photo courtesy of Pagan Idol’s website.
Sometimes you just want to see a little paper umbrella floating atop your drink. Or maybe a blue flame dancing on rum-tinged flavors. Because you can’t always jet off to da islands, local tiki bars bring the fruity comforts of da islands to you.
Bartenders peeling, dicing and dealing citrus amidst those infamous volcano bowls for group gatherings, or singular concoctions for solo sipping, have got your untanned city back covered when it comes to flower-laden cocktails that make you feel like you’re lounging on the beach. You might not be floating on water, but these BARTable SF tiki bars will have you feeling like it by the end of the night.

Photo courtesy of Pagan Idol's website.


Pagan Idol

Montgomery St. (SF)

Photo courtesy of Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar.

Hang out and toast Anthony Bourdain in the place where he memorably indulged in high-end cocktails along a popular lagoon setting. After walking down Powell Street from Powell Station and making a left on Mason Street, find yourself at this world-famous tiki lounge inside the Fairmont Hotel. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar isn’t for the weak pocketbook, but the Polynesian-fusion cuisine, cocktails, live dancing and music have kept it an SF institution since the 1940s.


Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

Powell St. (SF)

Unmarked on the outside, Smuggler’s Cove is a cozy three-level tiki bar near Civic Center/UN Plaza Station and Hayes Valley. Feel like you’re in the Caribbean where rum endlessly flows and the purple flowers adorn more than few drinks. Bartenders here know how to craft sweet, colorful and strong drinks to your liking, while the kitschy decor and dark setting make Smuggler’s Cove the perfect snuggling cove.


Smuggler’s Cove

Civic Center/UN Plaza (SF)

Photo courtesy of Holy Mountain’s Facebook.


Holy Mountain

16th St. Mission (SF)

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