Smokin' BBQ Joints in SF

Calorie-counters and vegetarians can consider this fair warning before reading any further: The following is about to get relentlessly meaty. Even though we’re known for June Gloom and Fog-ust here, no matter the month (or weather), SF and barbecue go hand in saucy hand.

Juicy ribs, smokin’ brisket, blackened chicken. Tuck that napkin in your shirt collar and dive into some messy goodness with those indulgent sides to boot—more cornbread and molasses baked beans, please. Here are some SF BARTable barbecue joints where even the trendiest diets can’t keep these grills from firing at full force. 

CatHead’s BBQ by 16th St Mission

Coca-Cola smoked brisket or ribs with the signature CatHead Biscuit and potato salad from CatHead’s BBQ will cure those hunger pangs right up. At this SF barbecue go-to located at 1665 Folsom Street, a short walk from 16th St Mission Station, slow-smoked pulled pork sandwiches and Maker’s Mark Portobello Mushrooms (for the vegetarian diner who dares to enter) are some of the other stars on a seductive menu. 

Pete’s Barbeque by 16th St Mission

Pete’s Bar-B-Q is a no-frills Mission Street spot dedicated to keeping it real when it comes to its smoky full flavors. A longtime fixture in SF, Pete’s continues to amass a loyal following with affordable feasts in the form of its piled-high sandwiches and plates. Sauce-laden ribs and chicken bookended with white macaroni ‘n’ cheese, sliced beets and baked potatoes make for some of the best comfort food around. Take BART to 16th St Mission and walk nine minutes to Pete's at 2399 Mission St. 

Baby Blues BBQ by 24th St Mission

This restaurant dutifully lives up to its tagline of “Meat, Smoke, Fire.” With locations in San Francisco, LA and Philly, Baby Blues BBQ has its formula for hearty grilled feasts very well-dialed. Choose from enjoyably greasy pulled pork, smoked chicken wings and sliced brisket, or have them all (and more) with the notoriously satiating Blue Devil Combination (four meats, four sides and four cornbread). Take BART to 24th St Mission and get your "Meat, Smoke, Fire" on in an under eight minute walk to 3149 Mission St. 

Buckhorn Grill by Embarcadero

Feeling like you want to tear apart a traditional rack of ribs or a burger stacked with grilled meats and caramelized or crispy onions overflowing out of the bun? Buckhorn Grill at 4 Embarcadero Center, a four minute walk from Embarcadero Station, offers a quick and casual barbecue fix when you’re fiending for meaty delights. Decadent delights and hefty avocado salads lure lunch regulars at this location near the waterfront end of the Financial District. 

Heading the the East Bay? Check out Thrill of the Grill | East Bay BBQ restaurants. 


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