SF workshops to help you DIY

This round-up focuses on workshops in San Francisco. If you’re in the East Bay, see our East Bay workshops to better oneself feature.
You don’t have to do-it-yourself by yourself; it can be so much more fun to get hands-on and learn a creative pastime in the company of other newbies. Curious about screen printing, painting, cooking, woodworking or writing poetry? Put the YouTube tutorial on pause and opt to get schooled and social at the same time.
Being self-reliant with a DIY ethos has become a lot easier with so many workshops launching new hobbies (er, obsessions) left and right. When you don’t have availability in your calendar to fit in an ongoing class, try a workshop at one of these BARTable educational experiences where you can focus on having a good time versus getting a good grade.

Photo courtesy of Gravel & Gold's Instagram.


Gravel & Gold

24th St. Mission (SF)
Photo courtesy of Mission Gráfica's Facebook.
Part of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco’s Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio has put the extremely in-demand and functional art of screen printing into the hands of many Bay Area locals at extremely affordable prices. read more...

Mission Gráfica

24th St. Mission (SF)
Photo courtesy of The Civic Kitchen's Instagram.
Founders Chris Bonomo and Chef Jen Nurse opened The Civic Kitchen in the Mission in 2017 to welcome amateur and ambitious cooks alike. So whether you feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen throwing what you find together or you’re a refined veteran who’s memorized Joy Of Cooking, this class calendar has something for you. read more...

The Civic Kitchen

24th St. Mission (SF)

Photo courtesy of The Grotto's Instagram.


The Grotto

Montgomery St. (SF)

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