Places to Start Fresh in 2020

Photo courtesy of ODC Dance Commons. 
After the holiday rush and NYE excitement has calmed down, ease into your next chapter with the help of some Bay Area businesses built for self-discovery. Whether you want to find the “new you” in the new year by learning new skills, or just refresh with some healthy spiritual, physical, or mental practices to kick off 2020, you’ve got plenty of places to press restart.
The following BARTable locations welcome you to treat yourself to some Me Time through various modes of expression (either energizing or meditative) and relaxation. Take a class or take a massage chair and see what comes up.
Photo courtesy of Leela Improv Theater located at 901 Mission St, Suite B-16, San Francisco. 
Leela Improv Theater by Powell St
Spontaneous play on a stage is the lesson at Leela Improv Theater. Whether or not you’re a natural actor, the art of thinking on your feet can always come in handy. Improv workshops located a 5-minute walk from Powell St Station can be fun, social, and evolutionary for your public speaking. Fine tune that quick wit with some in-the-moment theatrics guided by experienced instructors who will take you to new levels of instant collaboration.
Photo courtesy of Hello Stitch Studio located at 1708 University Ave, Berkeley. 
Hello Stitch Studio by Downtown Berkeley 
Say goodbye to boredom and say hello to this makers paradise. Enjoy self-expression when you take the helm of a sewing machine, join a quilting group, or park yourself at a table for your own DIY experiment at this textile studio—where it’s all about whipping up functional and artistic pieces. Classes or ongoing memberships at Hello Stitch Studio, a 5-minute walk from Downtown Berkeley, is an arts and crafts hub, a mean that you can nurture your handcrafting skills year-round. From kimonos to kids clothing, workshops keep your creative juices flowing.
Photo courtesy of East Bay Meditation Center located at 285 17th St, Oakland. 
East Bay Meditation Center by 19th St/Oakland 
Reset with regular silent meditation sittings, mindfulness classes, and ongoing practice groups at East Bay Meditation Center, which is all about radical inclusivity. All members of the community—especially underrepresented demographics—are welcome to join the wisdom teachings and social engagement at the nonprofit located three blocks from 19th St/Oakland Station. 
Photo courtesy of ODC Dance Commons located at 351 Shotwell St, San Francisco. 
ODC Dance Commons by 16th St Mission
Want to get your heart rate going while having fun? ODC Dance Commons offers 200 classes spanning 20 different disciplines each week and is a 7-minute walk from 16th St Mission Station. Pick and choose your preferred method of movement to break a sweat or hone your style—from Afro-Brazilian to ballet to tap dance. Can’t decide whether you’re in it for the exercise or the entertainment? Have it all: The famous Tuesday night Roryography class combines dance, aerobics, and theatrics as designed by teacher Rory Davis.
Photo courtesy of Psychic Horizons located at 972 Valencia St, San Francisco. 
Psychic Horizons by 16th St Mission or 24th St Mission
There are tons of people living in the Bay Area who appreciate guidance from the unknown when it comes to what’s next in the new year—or even what’s next at any time. Right in between 16th St Mission and 24th St Mission stations, Psychic Horizons is a famous hub for honing spiritual awareness. Whether you want to work on advancing your own intuition during a class, or you want help from someone else’s intuition during a psychic reading, tapping into something greater than what we can see can be fun.
Photo courtesy of Reboot Float & Cryo Spa at 6239 College Ave, Oakland. 
Reboot Float & Cryo Spa by Rockridge 
You can literally float your way through 2020. An 8-minute walk from Rockridge Station, Reboot Float & Cryo Spa is designed to provide stress relief and relaxation through private floating in isolated pods. It looks and sounds new age-y; the modern facility offers float, cryotherapy, and sauna sessions that are meant to refresh the mind and body. Reboot even has the endorsement of a pretty famous Bay Area client known to wear out his muscles: Steph Curry.
Photo courtesy of Uforia Studios at 2744 Mission St, San Francisco. 
Uforia Studios by 24th St Mission 
You’ve got a vibrant selection of workouts to get in shape this year: High-intensity full-body exercises, “Revolutions” bike classes with music, and hip-hop dance are some of the eye-catching (and body-bumping) items on the Uforia Studios menu. Just a hop and a skip from 24th St Mission Station, this newest branch from Uforia may get even the shyest amongst us twerking. Take charge of your new year’s resolution to feel fit with help from this very new-school fitness center.
Photo courtesy of Rockridge Day Spa located at 5413 College Ave, Oakland. 
Rockridge Day Spa by Rockridge
When we feel good, we look good. When we look good, we feel good. Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation this year—and that can come in the form of an Elemental Synergy Massage, Red Carpet Facial, or even a makeup consultation. Rockridge Day Spa aims to brighten up so much more than just your skin: glow from relaxation, stress-relief, and style enhancements at this luxurious center for self-care. The center is just 5-minutes away from Rockridge Station. 

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