Must-do food near San Francisco's Dolores Park

Dolores Park hosts more than a few bare summer bods and holiday crowds, serving as a favorite starting or ending point when San Francisco lounges on the weekend. In a city that appreciates posting up at parks every time a hint of sun sustains, it helps to know where to get your next picnic fare.

Don the right takeout when a day at Dolores calls. These BARTable eateries are convenient, casual and dutiful in filling your picnic basket with flavorful bites the next time you and your crew crash on Dolores Park’s widespread and sloping green. Be the envy of your neighboring lawn loungers with these reliable appetite cures.

Mission Picnic is known for its sandwiches in San Francisco.

Always good on the go, Mission Picnic’s gourmet sandwiches fuel many leisurely outdoor gatherings.


Mission Picnic

24th St. Mission (SF)
Lucca Ravioli offers Italian deli goods in San Francisco.

Luca Ravioli Co. has held its own admist the ever-changing and growing Mission foodie scene as the neighborhood authentic Italian grocery armed with gourmet imported goods.


Lucca Ravioli Co.

24th St. Mission (SF)
Dolores Park Cafe is across the street from Dolores Park in SF.

The Dolores Egg Sandwich on a croissant is a local favorite regardless of the time of day.


Dolores Park Cafe

16th St. Mission (SF)
Arizmendi Bakery is located in the Mission district in San Francisco.

Arizmendi garners loyal patrons both for its ethos as a longtime worker-owned cooperative and for its freshly baked pastries and pizzas.


Arizmendi Bakery

24th St. Mission (SF)

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