Mediterranean food in our Mediterranean climate

Gyros, falafel, shawarmas. Ok, we can’t forget kebabs, baba ganoush and pita wedges. Whether you’re flying solo or eating family style, a menu of colorful Mediterranean food can dutifully hit the spot. There’s just something about the variety of simmering spices and yogurts layering all the lamb and legumes that makes a messy napkin on your lap worthwhile.

Savor a saucy Mediterranean feast fit for a pharaoh at one of these BARTable restaurants, where finger foods dressed in grape leaves and homemade hummus have patrons’ palates screaming “Opa!” with every bite. Don’t forget to end it all with the baklava.

Truly Mediterranean is known to roll together truly tasty falafel, chicken and lamb wraps in San Francisco.

A petite spot around the corner from 16th St/Mission BART Station, Truly Mediterranean is known to roll together truly tasty falafel, chicken and lamb wraps to go at a rapid pace.



Truly Mediterranean

16th St. Mission (SF)
Gotta Eatta Pita is a Mediterranean food restaurant in Pleasanton that serves veggies, meats and falafel.

This favorite food spot from Yaniv Benaroya yields his signature handmade pita breads with the an onslaught of savory fillings: organic veggies, hormone-free chicken and herb-packed falafels keep the hungry coming back. 



Gotta Eatta Pita

Ayola is a Mediterranean restaurant in San Francisco's Financial District, near Montgomery BART station.

When workers of San Francisco’s Financial District need a falafel fix, Ayola adheres to the demand. 



Montgomery St. (SF)
Oakland's Liba restaurant has a falafel bar and other Mediterranean fare.

Local farm-fresh ingredients are a priority at Oakland’s Liba, which is known for being a falafel bar with a line out the door. 



19th St. Oakland

Roundup of Mediterranean food spots near BART

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