The latest BARTable hot spots in San Francisco

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Change is good. Keeping us on our toes to stay in the know of what’s out there, new local businesses reinvigorate that wide-eyed wonder many of us had when first arriving in the Bay Area. Sure, we all have our reliable go-tos, but planting yourself in a new environment where you can meet new faces never gets old.

Tap into your beginner’s mind when you uncover the latest San Francisco experiences at one of these BARTable hot spots whose doors just opened. Poke your head in, peruse and plant yourself inside to see what brave new worlds await.

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16th St. Mission (SF)

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16th St. Mission (SF)

Image courtesy of The Pawn Shop

When the words “speakeasy” and “tapas bar” are proper in describing the same place, somebody’s hit the right mark. At The Pawn Shop in San Francisco’s SoMA neighborhood, you actually do encounter a secret phone and a hidden door that opens up to a wine and tapas bar in a space that used to be one of the city’s pawn shops. From the outside, it still looks like a place to trade in your goods, but once you’ve gained access to its swirling world within, you’ll enjoy craft cocktails, charcuterie boards, oysters, plantains and more.


The Pawn Shop

Civic Center/UN Plaza (SF)

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Breakfast Little

24th St. Mission (SF)

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