KitTea Cat Cafe

It’s pretty hard to refute the power of pet therapy. When you can take a pause from your usual routine for a moment to spend with some healing paws, you’ll thank yourself. Sadly, most locals aren’t lucky enough to have the type of rental agreements or time or income to provide for furry companionship, and that’s where KitTea Cat Cafe scratches that itch.

At this cat cafe, cat adoption spot and separate free-roaming Cat Lounge (where you can openly hang with feline friends), patrons simmer in a relaxing, bright and, don’t worry — very clean environment quietly tucked away at 96 Gough Street, a 10-minute walk from Civic Center/UN Plaza Station.

Here, it’s all about meowing mood-lifters. Some visitors simply post up to eat, work or chill out in the welcoming, peaceful cafe overlooking a separate cat play area on the other side of an expansive glass window. Soft and unintrusive music buzzes in the background of the cafe, which offers an impressive menu of food and drinks amidst the free wi-fi dining area that’s amenable to laptop-ing. Munch on waffles, paninis, salads, coffee and, of course, teas.

The main attraction to help the public stay pawsitive despite global catastrophes: When you want to be more than just a cat voyeur, make a reservation to get some hands-on play and cuddles in the Cat Lounge, where visitors roam shoeless in a pristine and seemingly Anthropologie-inspired setting. One-hour visits range from $20 on weekdays to $25 on weekends.

Cat Lounge sessions include choice of Japanese green tea during hang-time with 10 or more resident and adoptable cats. Check the calendar for weekly Thursday movie nights and yoga with cats (you know you’re in SF when there’s a place hosting yoga with cats!). Perhaps the best part of this heartwarming locale? A total of 178 cats have been adopted since June 2015.

All in all, KitTea Cat Cafe makes for an adorable love hub, quirky and fun date spot, relaxing work or study environment, tasty eatery and out-of-the-(litter) box gift shop. Plan your visit and be ready to purruse a feast for many senses. Meow.

*BARTable takes no responsibility for the reckless amount of puns in this article. 

KitTea Cat Cafe near Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station

KitTea Cat Cafe near Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station

KitTea Cat Cafe near Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station

All photos from KitTea Cat Cafe Facebook page.

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