Holistic herbal havens

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No, not that kind of herb. Since we try to seek out nature’s best for staying healthy, it makes sense to seek out nature’s best remedies when we’re not, to assuage the mind or body when they’ve gone awry. Praise be to the Bay Area, because you’re in the right spot for herbal shops and holistic apothecaries scouring east and west for practices and homeopathic products that heal without chemical harm.

Herbs, spices and tinctures to take in (along with plenty of white sage to cleanse the atmosphere outside of you) are readily available at the following BARTable herbal shops where apothecaries remain devoted to long-revered botanical wisdom for culinary, physical or spiritual uses. 

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Harboring an expected Great Wall of Herbs that stands as an imposing figure to any cold or flu, The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. is the Mission’s epicenter for powerful powders and natural antidotes. Crystals, books and essential oils round out the uplifting sanctuary. Tarot card reading with your turmeric? They’ve got those, too.


Scarlet Sage Herb Co.

24th St. Mission (SF)

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“Draline Tong” translates into “Peaceful and Just Center” in Chinese; the shop and its owner, Henry Lau, were featured in The New York Times for being a seminal Oakland Chinatown hotspot for herbal remedies. Lau refers to ancient Chinese treatments when assessing loyal patrons who’ve come to trust the master practitioner, and his dried loose leaf tea concoctions are legendary.


Draline Tong Herbs

12th St. Oakland City Center

Photo courtesy of Five Flavors Herbs.

At Five Flavor Herbs, friendly and trusted staff specialize in crafting in-house custom tinctures alongside informative workshops. The retailer and herbal pharmacy features a large inventory of bulk herbs complemented by a lounge area with books, herbal consultations and acupuncture treatments, supplements, home gifts and natural bodycare products. 


Five Flavors Herbs

MacArthur (Oakland)

At Lhasa Karnak Herb Company, bulk herbs and spices (and whole seeds) are ready to be bagged up for your home kitchen. Along with catering to healthy cooking and tea formulas, downtown Berkeley’s homeopathic shop stocks essential oils, natural bodycare products and medicinal goods.


Lhasa Karnak Herb Company

Downtown Berkeley

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