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Burma Club on Mint Plaza is Burma Superstar's newest gem near Powell St. Photo courtesy of Burma Club

New eateries are blossoming left and right in the city to bring you more options when you’re looking to discover something fresh, and that means multifaceted menus of hot, cold, savory or sweet culinary fixes are an easy BART ride away.

When you want to heat things up with some palate-roasting hot ramen and follow it with a cool-down of artisanal gelato, you can find what you’re looking for in the following batch of new BARTable San Francisco businesses. Mix and match to make the most of these diverse flavors during your next outing.

Hell's Ramen by 16th St Mission

Consider the name fair warning: Hell’s Ramen is meant for those who want to take the heat. Spicy ramen bowls served amidst a red-laden interior with devilish imagery have already made regulars out of those who’ve discovered this new dining challenge in the Mission. Listen to the waitstaff when they say the Enma Ramen is supremely spicy. Choose your noodle bowl carefully and then bask in the full-flavored broth topped with meat, sesame and eggs. This restaurant is a four-minute walk from 16th St Mission on Mission St. 

Burma Club by Powell St 

For those in the Downtown and SoMA districts of San Francisco salivating for some tea leaf salad and other well-known flavors of the Burma Superstar group, this newest location is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. And it’s taking up three stories of Mint Plaza. Burma Club, the latest sister restaurant to Burma Superstar, is steps from Powell St Station and serves up coconut-laden curries and the phenomenal Rainbow Salad with shredded papaya (amongst plenty of other fittingly colorful ingredients) in a popular, tried-and-tested menu of Burmese feasts. Burma Club is a five-minute walk from Powell St at Mint Plaza. 

UpForDayz Coffee by 24th St Mission

Can San Francisco ever have enough cafes with food and wifi for those who work, eat and get caffeinated remotely? Likely not. UpForDayz even caters to the modern world with its text-style lingo: Try the OMG Sandwich (egg, avocado and pomegranate seeds) or the BFF light roast coffee. This newer addition to Valencia Street (there’s even the Valencia Salad) with bright indoor and outdoor seating is earning fans for its welcoming work space, cold brews, hot lattes and fruit smoothies. UpForDayz is a five-minute walk from 24th St Mission. 

Amorino by Montgomery 

It’s one thing to stop and smell the roses. It’s another thing when you want to lick that rose because it’s made of gelato. Dessert fans flock to Amorino for the famous Flower Cone, whose petals are made of alternating colors of artisanal gelato with a macaron at the center. You can also bite into the seemingly less-delicate gelato burger. Whatever your choice of format or flavors, this Downtown San Francisco opening has brought the European gelato kingpin to the Bay. Amorino is a seven-minute walk from Montgomery Station. 

Check out more of our fresh favorites in the East Bay here.

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