East Bay Brunch Roundup

Photo courtesy of The Gastropig's website.

If you’re of the legions who live by a Sunday motto of “Brunch or Bust,” this one’s for you. Because sometimes you want so much more than coffee and a bagel. When you’ve got time to sit and simmer in syrup-laden plates, salty bites of bacon and sweet ‘n’ sour mimosas, East Bay restaurants take the time to seduce you with their artful brunch menus.   

Take BART sleepy-eyed to your big feast and leave on BART in a food coma dreaming about what you just experienced. These BARTable Oakland and Berkeley brunch locations have got your morning and mid-day hunger (er, hangover) needs covered.

The Gastropig is a brunch spot located in Uptown Oakland.

Brunch aficionados streamline to Uptown Oakland for the plethora of pig-infused feasts, pastries and coffee pours amidst The Gastropig’s polished industrial-chic setting. 


The Gastropig

19th St. Oakland
La Note is a popular brunch spot located in Downtown Berkeley.

Full brunch flavors keep patrons happy at La Note. 


La Note

Downtown Berkeley
Hog's Apothecary is a popular brunch spot near MacArthur Station in Oakland.

You may start as strangers sharing a long community table at Hog’s Apothecary, but you’ll likely leave as friends sharing a love for the brunch at hand.


Hog's Apothecary

MacArthur (Oakland)
Venus Restaurant serves brunch in Downtown Berkeley.

Brunch shouldn’t just be for Sundays, and Venus understands the out-of-this-world feast deserves to be served every day of the week.


Venus Restaurant

Downtown Berkeley

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