Cycle to vineyards with WOBO and BART

Springtime is an ideal time to get on your bicycle and explore the outer reaches of the East Bay. Walk Oakland Bike Oakland (WOBO) seized this opportunity and planned a fun ride from BART to the Livermore vineyards (and what visit to the vineyards wouldn’t be complete without a wine tasting?).

The journey began at the Lake Merritt BART Station in Oakland, where a group of nine riders took their bikes onto the train with their sights set on the end of the line – Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station.

After a speedy ride (about 30 minutes), they reached Dublin/Pleasanton and reconvened outside of the BART station to gear up for the 23-mile bike ride.


The East Bay is rich with mutli-use paths, and the group took full advantage of the Iron Horse Regional Trail and the Arroyo Mocho Trail. The Iron Horse Trail spans from Concord to Pleasanton (32 miles).

The ride took the group through a network of bike paths, neighborhoods and scenic recreation areas before reaching the Livermore vineyards.


At mile 12, the group stopped at Wente Vineyards for a delightful wine tasting in their spacious patio.

If you have more time, take advantage of Wente’s world-class golf course, restaurants and concert venue. As tempting as that all was, the group had a mission to complete! They got back on their bikes and headed straight into the Sycamore Grove Park, a bucolic 775-acre park in the middle of Livermore wine country.


The remainder of the ride took them through more vineyards, eventually looping back around to the bike paths that led to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station.

The best part of the trip was the ability to leave home and return on bikes, and in between, experience a unique outing far from the city ‒ all thanks to the accessibility of the BART system.


Do you want to recreate WOBO’s bicycle ride to the Livermore vineyards? Read on …

Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station to Wente Vineyards (12.3 miles)

  • Leave Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station and head to the parking lot on the south side of the tracks/highway.
  • As you're facing south, veer left through the parking lot and follow the sidewalk that heads toward Owens Drive. Follow signs for the Iron Horse Regional Trail.
  • Once crossing Owens Drive you will be on the Iron Horse Regional Trail, which is a wide bike path (1.4 miles)
  • The trail will end at Santa Rita Road. Take a right and stay on the sidewalk and head toward the first intersection called Stoneridge Drive.
  • Go straight to cross Stoneridge Drive at the crosswalk. Then go left to cross Santa Rita Road. At the crosswalk, turn right to stay on the sidewalk (follow the signs to stay on Iron Horse Trail).
  • Head down the sidewalk a few hundred feet and veer left to continue onto Iron Horse Trail (1 mile)
  • The Iron Horse Trail ends at Valley Avenue. Stay on the left side and head straight across the crosswalk (crossing Busch Road). Continue along Valley Avenue.
  • At the next intersection at Boulder Street, turn right and cross the crosswalk across Valley Avenue, then turn left and cross Boulder Street to continue on the sidewalk on Valley Avenue.  
  • At the next intersection with Stanley Boulevard, go straight to cross Stanley at the crosswalk. Then go left to cross Bernal Avenue at the crosswalk and get on the sidewalk heading down Stanley Boulevard. The sidewalk will turn into a wide bike path. (3.3 miles). Be aware that about 3/4 of the way down Stanley Boulevard, you will reach Isabel Avenue, where the bike path will end. You will need to veer onto the bike lane on Stanley Boulevard for the rest of the way.
  • Turn right at Murrieta Boulevard. There is a gas station on the right which you can bike through, and then stay on the sidewalk heading down Murrieta Boulevard for about 25 feet.
  • Veer to the right of the sidewalk and onto the bike path, called Arroyo Bike Trail. Continue south on the path (1.1 miles). About 3/4 of the way down Arroyo Bike Trail, the trail will be closed due to a collapsed section. Follow the detour signs which will take you to the left through a neighborhood. This detour is very brief and the signs are clearly marked. Follow the signs to get back onto Arroyo Bike Trail.
  • You will reach Arroyo Road with a narrow bridge parallel to the road. Take the bridge across the creek and then veer left and get onto the bike lane on Arroyo Road. (3.7 miles). In the middle of this section there is a lovely bike path to take on the right. It will last for a mile or so and then you will veer back onto Arroyo Road.
  • You will eventually see the golf course and a silo that says Wente on your left. Farther down you will see a large parking lot. Turn left at the end of the parking lot into the main gated entrance.

Wente Vineyards to Dublin/Pleasanton BART (10.9 miles)

  • Cross Arroyo Road. into the parking lot for Sycamore Grove Park.
  • Follow signs for Arroyo Del Valle Trail and continue on through the park (2.5 miles)
  • Cross through the parking lot at the end of the park and take a left on Wetmore Road. using the road shoulder (do NOT get on the parallel bike path). (0.2 miles)
  • Take a left on Vallecitos Road. and continue on the road shoulder (0.3 miles)
  • At E. Vineyard Avenue turn right onto the bike path that follows Vineyard Ave. (1 mile)
  • About 100 feet before Isabel Avenue, the bike path will abruptly end. Get off your bike and carefully walk it onto E. Vineyard Avenue. Continue on E. Vineyard Avenue (3.1 miles)
  • Turn right onto Bernal Avenue using the bike lane (0.4 miles)
  • At Stanley Boulevard, turn left to take the crosswalk to cross Bernal Avenue. Then turn right to take the crosswalk to cross Stanley. Head down the sidewalk on Valley Avenue (from here you will be retracing the original route back to the BART station)
  • At Boulder Street, cross boulder on the crosswalk, then turn right on the crosswalk to cross Valley Avenue and turn left to continue on the sidewalk.
  • Cross the crosswalk at Busch Road and then veer to the right to continue onto Iron Horse Trail (1 mile)
  • Turn right on Santa Rita Road and head down the sidewalk a few hundred feet to the intersection of Stoneridge.
  • Turn left and cross Santa Rita at the crosswalk. Turn right and cross Stoneridge at the crosswalk. Take the sidewalk down Santa Rita for a few hundred feet. Cross the bridge and then turn left to get back onto Iron Horse Trail (1.4 miles)
  • Iron Horse Trail will lead straight to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. 

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