Curated gifts: Check out these SF gift shops

We all know what it’s like to excitedly turn on Netflix in order to relax with a film but then end up spending the whole time searching for the perfect pick, ultimately getting so frustrated that we don’t even start a movie by the end of the night. Don’t let searching for gifts turn into a similar beast of an endeavor. Selecting sweet tokens for your family and friends can be fun when you’ve got a gift shop showcasing a variety of worthy ideas in one place that suit the tastes of many different types. 
These BARTable San Francisco gift shops are handy all year-round, but especially during winter gift-exchange season. Check out what’s in stock to easily complete your checklist without having to run around—and give yourself the gift of more time to chill out. 
Needles & Pens
1173 Valencia St, San Francisco, 5-min walk from 24th St/Mission Station
Cutting-edge zines, clothing, jewelry, socks. A plethora of obscure, eccentric and one-of-a-kind items crafted by local artists keep San Franciscans coming to Needles & Pens on Valencia Street. Pretty much embodying the hip aesthetic the Mission is known for these days, this enticing boutique holds a strong grip with its eye for the beautiful and unusual. Keep your antennas up for when the cozy storefront hosts community events as well. 
803 Valencia St, San Francisco, 9-min walk from 16th St/Mission station
When your landlord won’t let you have pets, fill the furry void by grabbing your cat-shaped pillow at Serendipity. That’s the kind of quirky thing that keeps locals coming back to this wildly popular shop, around the way from 16th St/Mission Station. The perfect card with sarcastic humor and oddball illustrations? Checkmate. For the person that has a good sense of humor, Serendipity delivers witty paraphernalia that will affirm to your gift recipient why you’re one of the few who really “gets them.”  
654 Chenery St, San Francisco, 3-min walk from Glen Park Station
Glen Park’s neighborhood go-to for so many kinds of gifts, Perch is just two blocks from Glen Park Station and houses items for every age and gender. Here, you’ll find kids’ toys alongside fancy shot glasses and bottles of shrubs for your favorite cocktail-maker (this is SF, afterall). Of course, there is the obligatory tasteful jewelry by local designers, as well as international flavors: try the Italian Artichoke Soap as an unexpectedly authentic gift.
SFMOMA Museum Store
151 3rd St, San Francisco, 6-min walk from Montgomery Station
Shopping at a museum gift store is always a win-win. You buy for yourself or a friend while simultaneously supporting the museum mission. It’s SFMOMA, so you know you can’t go wrong; the signature red gift bag itself is cool. Art-laden gift ideas abound for gift recipients of all ages. Books, lights, jewelry and clothing—all with that SFMOMA artistic approach you can’t find just anywhere, are all at your fingertips in Downtown SF. Think outside of the big box stores and find what you need at your local museum. 


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