BARTable East Bay Korean Restaurants

Despite the pile of laundry you’ll have after your clothes are smoked out by the sizzling foods that surround you, we’ve all learned that Korean food is worth it. The barbecued meats. The parade of small side dishes called banchan. Everybody’s favorite spicy fermented cabbage known as kimchi. When your craving kicks in for colorful Korean cuisine and its servings of rice topped with so many salty flavors, feed your foodie soul without having to go to Seoul.

Let these BARTable East Bay restaurants answer the call for family-style eating with Korean staples like bulgogi, marinated slices of steak and kalbi short ribs. Or plow through an egg-crowned bimbimbap bowl all on your own. No apologies. North or South, there’s not much controversy when it comes to the food.

Heading into or in San Francisco? Check out BARTable SF Korean Restaurants

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