BARTable Boba Tea in SF

Photo courtesy of Yelp | Boba Guys

Who knew chewing on gelatinous balls would become such a fad? You’ve seen the lines out the doors of small counter shops, and you’ve likely given in to the straw-blocking sweetness after initially rolling your eyes at the tasty trend. A drink? A snack? A caffeine kickstarter? A dessert? Bubble tea is currently bursting left and right.

Choose a standard milk latte version or a colorfully multilayered drink and watch your choice of zany ingredients float. The following BARTable SF boba slingers take tapioca balls to whole new heights with flavors that will make your sugar-loving heart bounce.

Heading to the East Bay? Check out BARTable Boba Tea in the East Bay

Brew Cha SF

Brand new to the San Francisco bubble tea scene, Brew Cha is throwing out a litany of balls in the Mission. 


Brew Cha

16th St. Mission (SF)
Plentea SF

An appreciation for the finer things in life apparently can also be applied to casual boba tea; just take a peek at Plentea in SF’s Financial District. 



Montgomery St. (SF)
Boba Guys SF

If you’re already in the know of bubble tea in the Bay Area, you already know of Boba Guys.


Boba Guys

16th St. Mission (SF)
Black Sugar SF

When you’re near Union Square, this is where signature black lids top tall, clear vessels carrying black boba balls settled at the bottom of beloved milk teas. 


Black Sugar

Powell St. (SF)

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