BARTable Boba Tea in the East Bay

Photo courtesy of Yelp! | Yokee Milk Tea Oakland 

Suck it up. Sweet tapioca balls, that is. Sometimes bubble tea can make a straw work hard, but the drinkable snack originating from Taiwan has proven itself worth the effort and, apparently, worth the fascination of loyal crowds here in the Bay Area.

Every city now seems to have its friendly and fast boba-scooping shops. Try one of these BARTable East Bay gems (or, shall we say, pearls) and chew through various tastes and textures swirling in your next drink. Creamy milk tea or fruity elixir, your favorite find will surely be loaded with those curious little lads. 

In San Francisco? Check out our BARTable Boba Tea in SF

royaltea USA

Located a short walk from 12th St/Oakland Station, Royaltea’s interior is simple and sleek. 


royaltea USA

12th St. Oakland City Center
Yokee Milk Tea Oakland

Yokee Milk Tea is known for packing its tall and narrow drink cups with some chunky additions in Uptown Oakland, so be prepared to receive a fork with your order. 


Yokee Milk Tea

19th St. Oakland
Sinceretea Walnut Creek

Bright natural lighting, table seating and a relaxing open space create the setting for boba meetups at Sinceretea in Downtown Walnut Creek on Main Street.



Walnut Creek
U Cha Berkeley

A hub for university students to take a break with bubble tea and spicy Tokyo fries, U-Cha is the casual counter-service boba storefront near Downtown Berkeley Station.


U Cha

Downtown Berkeley

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