Another 52 ways to defeat quarantine boredom

Watch the Northern Lights live from Canada. Photo courtesy of Forbes/Getty Images. 
We didn't think the stay-at-home order would be around for this long, but here we are on day I-don't-remember of quarantine. If boredom is setting in again and you aren't sure about what to do next, we've got you. From taking a virtual trip to the Happiest Place on Earth to live from home concerts and push-up challenges, here are another 52 ways to defeat quarantine boredom.
Fried pickles anyone? Photo courtesy of Disney Parks. 
1. Don't know how to ride a bike? Now is the perfect time to find a nearby empty parking lot and learn. 
2. Time to go back to Kindergarten. Get a blank canvas and some washable paint, it's time to finger paint.
3. 100 years of movies? Have decade movie theme nights by starting in the 1920s and working your way to the 2020s.
4. Check your local food banks to see if they need help volunteering and sorting food for those in need.
5. Work on your core and glutes, conquer a 30-day core and glute challenge.
6. Might as well throw in a 30-day push-up challenge while you’re at it.
7. Missing the Happiest Place on Earth? Head to YouTube and virtually buckle up on your favorite Disneyland ride.
8. While you’re virtually exploring Disneyland, make your very own Dole Whip. Shhh, it only has three ingredients.
9. If Disney’s Dole Whip isn’t your thing, check out some of the other delicious Disney treats you can make at home. The latest being the recipe for Fried Pickles from Carnation Café. YUM!
10. If you haven’t already, create or upgrade your work from home space.
11. How’s your herb garden? Maybe it’s time to trim or harvest some of your own fresh herbs.
12. Host a virtual trivia game night with friends and family.
Your sidewalk can be a lot of fun with a hop, skip, and a jump. Photo courtesy of YouTube/Miss J's Class. 
13. Might as well dress up in last year’s Halloween costume during the virtual trivia games, because why not?
14. Organize your spice drawer or cabinet.
15. While you’re in the kitchen, move on to organizing your pantry or canned goods cabinet.
16. Since you’re in your pantry or canned goods cabinet, set aside any foods you won’t use and donate them.
17. Take up bird watching. Rumor has it, a type of hawk has been seen nesting in multiple neighborhoods around the East Bay and Oakland has a noisy peacock.
18. Grab your chalk and make an obstacle course on the sidewalk for you and your neighbors (hop, skip, jump, twirl...).
19. Take Yale’s happiness course, “The Science of Well-Being”, for free.
20. Dust off your old remote-control cars and have a good ole fashioned race with your family or roommates.
21. When Karl the Fog isn’t covering the night sky, spend some time looking up at the stars. Maybe with an adult beverage in hand?
Baseball is back! Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Ezra Shaw. 
22. Perfect your smartphone photography skills.
23. Missing some green in your home? Pick up an indoor plant to bring in some of the outdoors.
24. Have a pet? Create their own social media account and post all the interesting and crazy things they do throughout the day.
25. Don't have a pet? It could be time for one. Check with your local shelter to see what furry friends are available for adoption.
26. Get outside and get some fresh air. Check out our recommendations on places to go.
27. Bring home the peanuts and Cracker Jacks, soak in the return of baseball and watch your favorite Bay Area team.
28. While watching your favorite baseball team from home, learn how to scorekeep like a pro. 
29. Did someone say pizza night? Grab all your favorite ingredients and make your own pizza.
30. From Simone Biles to Dan Brown, check out all these Masterclass Live classes for free.
31. Into genealogy? Now is a time look back into your ancestry and create your family tree.
32. Words with Friends is still cool to play.
Be in the room where it happened and stream Hamilton on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Disney+. 
33. Download TikTok and scroll through hours of hilarious video snippets.
34. If you haven’t mastered TikTok, now is the time.
35. Build your own corn hole set.
36. Jump into hours of Hallmark Channel movies… Because who doesn’t love a love story?
37. Play solitaire with a real deck of cards.
38. Bring out those LEGOs and build something. Need inspiration? Check out our feature on LEGO BART Train.
39. Have fruit or greens that are begging to be eaten? Throw them in a blender and make a smoothie.
40. Take a long, warm, relaxing bath (with a glass of wine).
41. Connect with friends with Nintendo Switch and challenge them to a game of “Super Smash Brothers" or any other Nintendo Switch game.
42. Look through old family photos and recreate them with your current self.
43. Order different wines and have a taste testing session at home. Spit bucket and all!
44. Missing Broadway? Watch "Hamilton" on Disney+ one, two, or three times.
It's time for board game night. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. 
45. Let’s make pancakes on every Saturday a thing.
46. Start training for a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or even better, a full marathon.
47. Have a family or roommate meeting to get whatever it is on your mind, out in the open.
48. Dust off those board games hiding in your closet and have a family or roommate game night.
49. Check out “Live from Home” concerts that are taking place throughout the week thanks to Live Nation.
50. Get those nails looking good for staying at home and give yourself a mani-pedi.
51. Live stream the Northern Lights from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
52. At home karaoke anyone?
Looking more ideas? Check out our first 52 ways to defeat quarantine boredom.

Let's not be bored.

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