4 must-try pizza places in San Francisco

Don’t underestimate the power of the pie around here, even if New York prevails as the epicenter of urban late-night slices. When you want a foldable bite or a deep-dish piece to sink your fork into, SF has you covered. No matter the neighborhood, the city has its fair share of contenders for your end-of-the-night over-the-counter pick or sit-down restaurant date. Red sauce, white pizza with pesto, meaty or veggie, thick or thin crust, grab what you’re craving at these BARTable favorites where rampantly rolling pizza cutters don’t get a break.


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Want to impress a skeptical East Coaster? Bring them to Arinell Pizza. New York-style slices (there’s also the fat pizza option) make there way across this quick and cash-only counter service joint on Valencia at 16th Street. You’ll think you’re in Brooklyn when you pop in line at the popular late-night slice slinger where you won’t find fancy toppings but the basics are satiating.


Arinell Pizza

16th St. Mission (SF)

Photo courtesy of Beretta

Be ready to post up for a lovely sit at Beretta’s dimly lit Italian eatery, where handmade pizzas and cocktails are the scene stealers. Enjoy a drink at the bar or share a few pies at the long wooden tables, often adorned with popular combos like the asparagus and pancetta pizza topped with fried eggs and sage.



24th St. Mission (SF)

Photo courtesy of Yelp


Gialina Pizzeria

Glen Park (SF)

Photo courtesy of Pi Bar

Hand-tossed thin-crust pizzas soak up plenty of craft beer at the Mission’s fun and casual Pi Bar. Here, pizza and beer really do merge: Try the Death By Mushrooms pie featuring sauce made with Moonlight Death & Taxes brew. Don’t forget to take advantage of the popular happy hour deal that serves up a slice of cheese pizza and pint of beer for $8.50 (3:14pm to 6:28pm every day).



Pi Bar

24th St. Mission (SF)

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