31 ways to get into the Halloween spirit

Like everything else in 2020, Halloween looks and even feels different this year. We all know why but it’s now the season for the most haunted time of year. Trying to get into the spooky spirit but finding it a bit difficult? Have no fear, we have 31 ways to get you into the Halloween sprit.

Halloween Decor DIY

Décor is one way to get you into the Halloween spirit. Photo courtesy of the DIY Network.

1. Decorate the inside of your house with creepy things to get you into the spirit.

2. Take the decorations outside. Who said lights were just for the holidays?

3. Instead of buying your costume this year, check your closet to see if you have anything you can DIY.

4. If the air is clear, turn on your backyard gas fire pit and tell scary ghost stories with your social bubble.

5. Don’t have a fire pit, no worries. Gathering in a circle with flashlights works for scary story time too.  

6. Dim the lights... Scary movies anyone?

7. If scary movies really aren’t your thing, any Halloween movie will do.

8. Nothing says Halloween like picking out the perfect carving pumpkin at your local pumpkin patch.

9. Once you’ve found your perfect pumpkin, get ready to carve your Jack-O-Lantern with your favorite design.

10. Not a fan of cleaning all the icky guts of a pumpkin out? Try your hand at painting pumpkins instead of carving.

Halloween cocktails

Spooky cocktails make the spirit bright. Photo courtesy of Tastemade. 

11. Put on spooky music just to help get you in the mood. Time to “Monster Mash.”

12. Creepy treats are a thing and you can make them.

13. Create “BOO” care packages for your neighbors to help get them into the Halloween spirit.

14. Let’s be honest, Halloween is not only about the scares but the candy. Pick up a few bags of your favorite treat and indulge.

15. Have a little fun with your family or roommates. Hide spiders all over your place to scare those who don’t like creepy crawly things.

16. Have kids in the house? Find a way to scare them daily (just enough to make them jump or scream a bit). This can work on roommates too.

17. Those same kids you're scaring on a daily basis? Introduce them to R.L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” series. Or maybe just pull them out of storage and read them yourself.

18. Read as many Stephen King novels as you possibly can until Halloween.

19. By now, you may have perfected TikTok. Here’s your chance to create some spooky content and go viral.

Haunted Mansion

Starting singing "This is Halloween" as you take a virtual ride on Disneyland's "The Haunted Mansion" with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" spin. Photo courtesy of Disneyland.

20. Virtually ride “The Haunted Mansion” at Disneyland.

21. Did someone say Jack Skellington? Virtually ride “The Haunted Mansion” at Disneyland again but this time with the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.

22. Make a haunted gingerbread house.

23. Head to the Food Network and watch all the Halloween-inspired baking competitions.

24. Costumes are not only for humans, but pets too.

25. Host a Ghouls’ Night out (or in and virtually).

26. Level up that Ghouls’ Night complete with spooky cocktails.

27. Pick a day and wear a costume everywhere you go. We dare you.

28. Pull the fog machine out of its hiding spot and create an eerie feeling in front of your house at dusk while neighbors walk by.

29. Have extra Halloween costumes not being used? Look into donating them to families in need.

30. Challenge yourself to eat something with pumpkin in it every day until Halloween.

31. On November 1, go to your favorite store and get all the half-off candy your heart desires. You might even find some discounted Halloween décor to add to your collection for next year.

We've got spirit, yes we do. 

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