Volunteer with the city of Oakland for "Creek to Bay Day"

International Coastal Cleanup Day is approaching, and as we think globally about the impact marine litter has on our environment, we can act locally. Oakland’s Creek to Bay Day aims to unite the Bay Area for one common goal: to beautify our communities and prevent trash from traveling from the creek to bay to ocean. Gather some friends and contact the site coordinator of the right site for you to start making a difference. Here’s a list of BARTable volunteer sites.


Lion Creek Crossings at Coliseum Gardens
6-minute walk
6710 Lion Way
30 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Katie hli@ebaldc.org

If you don’t want to get wet in the waterways or creeks by the park, clean up this neighborhood block for Creek to Bay day. This site is wheelchair accessible.  


Fruitvale Bridge Park
12-minute walk
Alameda and Fruitvale avenues
15 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Jill jillsunahara@gmail.com

Join the Friends of Sausal Creek in trash pick up at the park and clean the Sausal Creek!  This site is partially or entirely wheelchair accessible.  

14-minute walk (located just passed where the White Elephant Sale meets the tidal canal)
300 Derby Ave.
45 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Cynthia cynthia@jingletown.org

Clear this waterway of trash, graffiti, and invasive weeds to make the space both visually appealing, and prevent creek debris from becoming marine debris. This site is partially wheelchair accessible.  

Cesar Chavez Park
13-minute walk
3713 Foothill Blvd.
25 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Eric spottywest@freedomvoices.org

Weed invasives, prune trees, and pick up trash to beautify the overall park and playground for children to enjoy. This site is partly wheelchair accessible.  

Lake Merritt

Channel Park
6-minute walk (between Laney College and the channel that connects to Lake Merritt)
900 Fallon St., Oakland
60 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Ryan rjones@museumca.org

Team up with the Oakland Museum and California Green Team to pick up trash, weed, and plant new plants in the area.  Part of the site is wheelchair accessible.  Register here.

SF Bay Trail/Jack London Square
11-minute walk
101 Embarcadero West
10 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Danny danosaur84@gmail.com

Volunteers will be meeting south of the KTVU and Eve’s buildings from Alice Street on the Bay Trail waterfront to clear the creek of trash debris. This site is not wheelchair accessible.  

Estuary Park
12-minute walk
115 Embarcadero West
30 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Rebecca ibtravlin@aol.com

This site’s main goal is to nab trash before it enters the Bay and eventually the ocean. This site is not wheelchair accessible.  

19th Street/Oakland

Bonsai Gardens at Lake Merritt
8-minute bike ride
666 Bellevue Ave.
10 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Joe Byrd bonsailakemerritt@gmail.com

A small group of volunteers will be making the Bonsai Gardens look their best by weeding invasive species. This is a more relaxed space to make your neighborhood impact and beautify the gardens!  

Grand Advent Church
5-minute bike ride
278 Grand Ave.
350 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Geston gestonpierre@gmail.com

This beautification project includes removing trash, graffiti, and invasive plants. Volunteers will also be planting new landscape for the church and surrounding area.  

Junior Center of Arts & Sciences
7-minute bike ride
558 Bellevue Ave.
40 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Keith khennessy@juniorcenter.org

Volunteers at this park will be removing trash debris and removing graffiti from the space. The park is partly wheelchair accessible.  


Mosswood Park/Glen Echo Creek  
6-minute bike ride
3612 Webster St.
20 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Gretchen grt.till@gmail.com

Pick up trash, weed invasives, and prune trees to reveal a beautiful Oakland park. This site is partially wheelchair accessible.  


Frog Park
9-minute walk
5500 Claremont Ave.
20 volunteers needed
Site Coordinator: Robert RDCAPALBO415@GMAIL.COM

Pick up trash weed, and prune, in this narrow park that runs through the Claremont neighborhood. This site is mostly wheelchair accessible.  

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