Rainbow Grocery | SF

It’s where localvores have long been filling their cloth bags with healthy edible goods and locally sourced products. Before “certified organic” and “green business” were the commonly spoken identifiers in the world of food sales they have come to be, Rainbow Grocery was promoting a socially and environmentally minded mission it remains loyal to today. 
What began as a volunteer-run operation born out of an ashram’s need for bulk vegetarian goods, turned into a worker-owned cooperative that has stood as an iconic San Francisco independent grocery store since 1975. Now located at 1745 Folsom Street, the thoughtfully stocked market is a 10-minute walk from 16th St./Mission BART Station and keeps its doors open 9am to 9pm every day of the week. 
Holistic practitioners, vegetarian shoppers and discerning chefs hip to the latest ingredients converge at the renowned hub where both high-end foodies and grassroots activists find common ground. Ultimately committed to a respectful give-and-take-to-share ethos, the expansive market goes to great lengths to honor both the larger community and natural environment at hand. Sustainable practices in myriad forms are at the foundation of the Rainbow way.  
Here, healthy working conditions and fair business practices are taken just as seriously as the quality of natural health foods drawing customers to its signature green awning. While aisles are meticulously lined with organic fruits and veggies culled from local organic farms, and the fittingly colorful array of bulk herbs and spices, health books and natural supplements span enough options to keep even the pickiest (and most curious) of consumers satiated, employees work side by side as a collective minus a hierarchical system.   
Grab a cart and get ready to browse through an impressive (and even intimidating) selection of bulk grains, kimchis, gluten-free breads, and hard-to-find specialty ethnic foods that will take your kitchen to a whole new level. Also on hand to complement the cache of organic foods are non-toxic cleaning supplies, household sundries and gift ideas. 

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