MLK Day is the perfect time to “Remember Them"


Only a few blocks away from 19th Street/Oakland BART Station are four enormous bronze sculptures titled “Remember Them: Champions of Humanity.” They depict 25 culturally diverse role models, from Rosa Parks, Oscar Schindler and Helen Keller to Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and the unknown Rebel of Tiananmen Square, all of whom have made significant contributions toward global peace, freedom and human rights over the past 150 years. There are also 14 local community “Champions” included on the other side of the international figures.

Located next to the beautifully refurbished Fox Theater in Oakland’s new Uptown district, this series of four monuments, sculpted by Oakland local artist Mario Chiodo, are reminders to the community of our continued local and global struggle for human rights, peace, freedom and equality.

The monument is also the first visually impaired wall. Well-known quotations from each Champion is in Braille and large imprint to help those with sight impairments. 

Weighing 60,000 pounds and measuring 31 feet high and 52 feet long, these impressive works are meant not only as historical reminders of individuals who fought for peace and human rights, but also to be a reminder of the power we each possess to make positive change for generations to come.

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