Enter the BARTable Holiday Sweepstakes!

Enter the BARTable Holiday Sweepstakes!

Thank you for participating in the 2015 BARTable Holiday Sweepstakes. We ran seven weekly sweepstakes, giving away $500 shopping sprees (courtesy of Westfield San Francisco Centre and Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek), tickets to shows and other holiday prizes. For a list of winners, visit the Past Contests and Winners page.

Even though the BARTable Holiday Sweepstakes is over, we want to start your New Year off right. Enter to win a $100 Clipper card by completing the form below. Be sure to check out the BARTable Contests page for a chance to win more prizes all year long. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more chances to win!

300 Lakeside Drive
Oakland, CA 94612
Nearest BART Station: 
19th St. Oakland
Nearest BART Station: 
19th St. Oakland

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