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The San Francisco Green Film Festival opens April 20 and runs through April 26. This year's line-up will explore food justice and sustainability and other environmental issues.

The seventh annual San Francisco Green Film Festival opens at historic Castro Theater on April 20, with films exploring the theme of food justice and sustainable agriculture. The film festival runs from April 20 to 26, and films will be shown at various BARTable venues throughout San Francisco and Berkeley. 

“Evolution of Organic,” by San Francisco-based director and producer Mark Kitchell, kicks off the festival on April 20 at 7:30pm. The film will be followed by a Q&A session with Kitchell and several subjects of the film.  

The world premiere of the documentary "Evolution of Organic" celebrates California's organic farming told by the people that started it.

After years of bringing environmental films and filmmakers into the spotlight, the San Francisco Green Film Festival will yet again present 70 unique films centered on environmental events, history and activism this Earth Day week.

Kitchell is not new to the environmental history documentary scene. He is best known for “Berkeley in the Sixties,” focused on the peak of student activism on the University of California, Berkeley campus in the 1960s and “A Fierce Green Fire,” which covers a broad spectrum of environmental issues and what people around the globe have done to combat them.

“This is my third film about social change movements,” said Kitchell. “You could say it’s my style.”

A still from the film "Evolution Organic," which will have its world premiere at the San Francisco Green Film Festival on April 20 at the Castro Theater.

However, his latest documentary tells the story of the organic food movement, and highlights the triumphs and challenges of organic farms in California including some in the East Bay such as City Slicker Farms in West Oakland and the Sunol AgPark run by SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture Education).  

California is the leading agricultural state in the U.S., exporting $47 billion worth of products in 2015 alone. “Evolution of Organic” follows the history of the organic movement in the most influential farming state from the beginning with four acts: Origins, Building Organic, Mainstreaming Organic, and Organic Futures.  

Although environmental films can have a dismal future outlook, this hopeful documentary depicts real stories about real solutions, one of which Kitchell hopes makes a lasting impact with his audience that he calls the “big important story of carbon farming, which may be the best news on the planet.” Also referred to as carbon sequestration, this is a process in which plants transform carbon dioxide from a pollutant in the air to a beneficial element for microorganisms in the soil.  

“Evolution of Organic” is meant to spread hope and knowledge of an ongoing movement for healthier communities — an appropriate way to start the Green Film Fest this year.  

The trailer of "Evolution of Organic" can be viewed here and $15 tickets for the general public and $14 for students and seniors are on sale at the SF Green Film Fest website.  


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