5 things you only see at Bay to Breakers


Devout runners racing around devout revelers. Creative costumes making slow steps alongside sweaty teams. Public parties and exposed bodies. Bay to Breakers hits the streets of SF again on its usual third Sunday of May, this year on the 20th. The 12k race is celebrating its 106th year, and the party kicks off at Main and Howard Streets and funnels the crowds down to Ocean Beach — passing through SoMA, the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park along the way. It's the oldest consecutively run annual footrace in the world, so help celebrate this epic tradition!

To help participants make the 8am. start time with ease, all BART stations will open early (at 6am) and even more long trains will be on hand to get you where you need to go. Trains running before 8am will run 20 to 30-minute intervals. If you’re coming from the Peninsula or San Francisco, walk from Montgomery Station toward the race kickoff; if you’re coming from the East Bay, walk from Embarcadero Station. 

What’s in store when the iconic run/walk/dance/anything goes race commences? Here are five signature Bay to Breakers sights:

1. Flying tortillas versus flying flags mark the 8 a.m. start of the shenanigans with the annual tortilla toss slinging everyone’s favorite edible saucers into the sky.

2. Costumes. And more costumes. Gorillas, salmon running “upstream” from the breakers to the Bay, group and couples costumes. It’s like Halloween come early. 

3. Human centipedes are groups of 13 or more runners bound together by a bungee cord or other linking mechanism.

4. Local bands bump live beats all over the city — at house parties and on public corners.

5. With plenty of socks and tennies but nothing else as the costume of choice for a good bunch of participants, nudity abounds every year. (Note: Shoes and proper clothing are always required on BART.) 

Whether you're running in the race, cheering from the sidelines or just want to party in a crazy costume — have a blast being a part of this true San Francisco experience!

Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers

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