"Unbound A" | SF Ballet

What happens when 12 of the most innovative international choreographers are given the opportunity to create with our uniquely expressive and daring dancers? SF Ballet is celebrating the San Francisco spirit of curiosity, experimentation, and invention with Unbound—a festival of 12 world premieres spanning 4 programs over 17 days. Curious?   
King, Wheeldon, Peck 
Sculpted space. Digital dependency. Classicism in sneakers. Three unique voices offer three distinct takes on where ballet’s headed.  
April 20–May 6 
Thatcher, Marston, Dawson 
Groupthink. Tragic passion. Opposing energy. Three innovative thinkers examine the ties that bind and the differences that distinguish. 
April 21–May 4 
Welch, McIntyre, Lopez Ochoa 
The ephemeral in the eternal. Family heritage. Savage beauty. Three artists move forward while drawing from the past. 
April 24–May 5 
Liang, Rhoden, Pita 
The space between life and death. Passionate connectivity. The music of Björk. Three dancemakers evoke the spiritual connections that span life and death, the beauty and pain in relationships, and a surrealist dream ballet.  
April 26–May 5 

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