Leni | Aurora Theatre Company, Berkeley

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    Mar 16, 8:00pm
    Mar 17, 8:00pm
    Mar 18, 8:00pm
    Mar 19, 7:00pm
    Mar 21, 7:00pm
    Mar 22, 8:00pm
    Mar 23, 8:00pm
    Mar 24, 8:00pm
    Mar 25, 8:00pm
    Mar 26, 7:00pm
    Mar 28, 7:00pm
    Mar 29, 8:00pm
    Mar 30, 8:00pm
    Mar 31, 8:00pm
    Apr 1, 8:00pm
    Apr 2, 7:00pm
    Apr 4, 7:00pm
    Apr 5, 8:00pm
    Apr 6, 8:00pm
    Apr 7, 8:00pm
    Apr 8, 8:00pm
    Apr 9, 7:00pm
    Apr 11, 7:00pm
    Apr 12, 8:00pm
    Apr 13, 8:00pm
    Apr 14, 8:00pm
    Apr 15, 8:00pm
    Apr 16, 7:00pm
    Apr 18, 7:00pm
    Apr 19, 8:00pm
    Apr 20, 8:00pm
    Apr 21, 8:00pm
    Apr 22, 8:00pm
    Apr 23, 7:00pm
    Apr 25, 7:00pm
    Apr 26, 8:00pm
    Apr 27, 8:00pm
    Apr 28, 8:00pm
    Apr 29, 8:00pm
    Apr 30, 7:00pm
    May 2, 7:00pm
    May 3, 8:00pm
    May 4, 8:00pm
    May 5, 8:00pm
    May 6, 8:00pm
    May 7, 7:00pm
  • Where: 
    Aurora Theatre Company
    2081 Addison Street
    Berkeley, CA 94704


Leni Riefensthal was the brilliant German film director of Triumph of the Will and Olympia, films cited by Pauline Kael as “the two greatest films ever directed by a woman,” and which also served as propaganda for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. In Sarah Greenman’s wildly creative multimedia play, Riefenstahl’s older and younger selves edit a film of the director’s life, playing out and reshooting scenes from her past until the director finds the beauty she is seeking. Leni is an extraordinary work about artistic responsibility, narcissism and denial.

Performances run through May 7 - matinees on Sundays.

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Downtown Berkeley

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